I am in Love with a Guy Who Doesn’t Love me as Much as my Boyfriend Who I don’t Love anymore

confusedI have been in a relationship for the past 2 years and 6 months with this guy that really loves me so much. Though I once loved him very much too, but as time went on the feelings that I had for him slowly disappeared and instead we started having problems and arguing over little things.

During this period of challenge in our relationship, I met another guy whom I loved instantly. I don’t really know what came over me because I just fell so much in love with him and he claimed he loved me too. Eventually I started dating this new guy but did not break up with the first guy because I don’t want to hurt him because he loves me so much.

But just two months into the new relationship, I had a big quarrel with the new guy because I became suspicious of him since he has so many female friends which I was not comfortable with because I am the jealous type and some of these girls that flock around him sometimes even flirt with him and he doesn’t brush them off or even complain. If anything, he seems to enjoy their company and this got me all the more jealous.

Not longer after, I broke up with this new guy and that is when my problem started because ever since then I keep wishing that I was still together with him because I just cant help my feelings of being so in love with him. I am even ready to overlook his attitude and his many girl friends just so that I can be with him. I am even tempted to call him and apologize to him even though he is the one that wronged me.

Now I am so confused and I don’t know if I should just remain with the first guy who loves me big time but whom I don’t love so much, or should I apologize and beg this second guy to take me back because he is the one that I really love even though he doesn’t treat me as well as the first guy.

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