Mad Love – A Short Story

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“Girl, decide first whether you want to be in a relationship with me or not” I asked her.

She didn’t respond to my reply and hung up the phone the very instant. The next thing she did was switch off her phone for many months.

It was not her fault of breaking up but circumstances occurred that way which pushed her to make that unfortunate move.

Everyday she kept writing one sentence in her diary, “Have you ever loved someone so madly that the thought of losing them pains you immensely, shattering your heart into pieces?”

But she never received any answer of this puzzling question.

Two years ago she had imagined everything in our life, her marriage with me, the engagement ring on her finger, the wedding dress and what not.

I never could understand the anguish and how devastated she was. What made her take that decision.

Sorrowfully, it was the age gap which created havoc in our lives as she was four years senior to me which my family wasn’t ready to accept and welcome with grace.

A year passed and we crossed paths again, although this time awestruck, surprised looking at each other.

I grabbed her hand and said

“Could love not conquer over everything?”

“I am sorry but what do you mean?” She asked shockingly

Then I said “You look all the same beautiful now just like a year ago and you will blossom like a fresh rose everyday for me as your age gracefully but for that thing to happen I want you to hold my hand forever” I expressed my feelings.

She couldn’t hold herself back and welcomed me back in her life.

And so our mad love was rekindled – a love so crazy that it can never be cured.

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– The End

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ADs (do your own research):

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Caroline Ikubor
Caroline Ikubor

Awesome, true love exists.

Maryian Arizona
Maryian Arizona

True love doesn’t care about race, age or religion, hence the saying love is blind