My Boyfriend Has Started Seeing His Ex Girlfriend Who Dumped Him Years Ago

I am in a relationship with a guy who is of the same age with me which is 21 years. He is my first love and I love him a lot. He also says he says he does too, and we are together building our future.

When the relationship started we both agreed not to sleep together till marriage because then we were both virgins. As time went on this guy of mine started to confess how he has slept with other girls in the past.

I felt bad naturally because he had lied to me that he was a virgin but I forgave him since it happened in the past. Ever since we settled, he has been pestering me to go to bed with him and this has been causing serious problems in our relationship.

He has even gone as far as telling me not to visit him if I dont want him touching me. This is a guy I trusted so much but lately he has changed and has started seeing his ex girl friend again. This is the same girl he told me is a year older than him and who dumped him when she gained admission into the university.

Now that she is a graduate and yet unmarried she is back into my boyfriend’s life, calling,chatting and texting messages to him. The appalling thing about all this is that my boyfriend had the audacity to ask me to be friends with this relationship breaker. What should I do now as I don’t want to play second fiddle to any relationship. Advice needed.

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