My Boyfriend Ignored Me for Months and I Cheated on Him by Mistake

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I am 22 years of age and have been dating a guy for three years now. When we started dating I was already aware that he was involved with a lot of girls, but then I was not bothered because I felt something really strong for him. Two months into our relationship I even caught him cheating on me but he apologised and begged and I did not mind as I was not ready to quit the affair, so I forgave him.

As time went on, we became very close and shared a lot of happy moments together but recently my boyfriend developed this habit of picking up unnecessary quarrels over petty issues, and it is a habit I detest. This usually leads us to having serious arguments and many times he starts saying that we should just end the relationship. If I ask him the reason why, all he ever says is that we are too close for his liking . I will then start pleading with him.

One time we had a very big quarrel and did not speak to each other for days. I apologised but he refused to speak to me and even blocked me from calling him. He later sent me a message that said we should just be apart for now. I was so emotionally broken and all my attempts to contact him was not successful.

For close to 7 months I could not contact him as he blocked me on all his accounts and convinced his friends and family members not to let me know how to reach him.

Meanwhile there’s this other guy who has been disturbing me for a relationship. During this time that my guy ignored me, this other guy was so caring and showed so much love and care. I told him all that happened between me and my guy. He comforted me with his words and was always there for me. One fateful day when he came to see me one thing led to another and we had s*x.

Somehow my boyfriend got to find out and after so many months of ignoring me, he called me and told me that he heard I was cheating on him. He then went about telling every one he met that I cheated on him and I really pleaded with him to forgive me. I begged and begged and after two months of ignoring me again he finally said he has forgiven me but he no longer felt anything for me and I should fight for his feelings for me to come back or forget about the relationship.

I agreed and we continued the relationship though I still communicated with the other guy but I told that guy that we cannot be together and he understood and even said he will wait for me.

Meanwhile my boyfriend although he he said he has forgiven me, treated me with much disdain but I bore everything because I truly love him. He said a lot of hurtful things to me but I just bore everything because I don’t want to lose him.

Barely a month after that he told me that a certain girl was pregnant for him and the pregnancy was about six months now. He also said he had cheated with close to ten girls to get back at me when we were apart.

I took all this in even though I was hurt inside and still rallied round him. The girl in question later had a still birth and that ended her chapter with my boyfriend. But he is still flirting around and I cant do anything about it because I dont want to leave him.

He had warned me before now not to wear hip pads and the day he saw me wearing one, he said he was quitting, that I was not faithful to him and that he no longer trusts me. This occurred on my last visit I made to his place on valentines day and it was when I was removing something he bought from the booth that he saw the hip-pad.

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After saying all this to me, he just stomped off got into his car and drove off. Since then I have not seen him or talked to him because he blocked me again. It’s almost four months now and I have not been able to reach him. Please what do I do now because I don’t want to loose him. I love my guy too much but I don’t know if I should just end it and go to the other guy who seems to care more though I don’t really love him.

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

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