My Boyfriend Makes a Lot of Money But He Is Very Stingy

My boyfriend of four years is very stingy. I cant ask him for anything because he always gets angry. He is so selfish in spite of the fact that he works in an oil company, and makes a lot of money.

I work too as a part time auxilliary teacher and I earn so much less than him. Few weeks ago he got paid a day to my birthday and he gave me nothing. I feel better paying for things he gets for me because that is the only way he does not get mad at me. He is always complaining about all the stuff he has to pay for and this makes me feel guiltywhen I ask him for money. I am not a gold-digger but its sure nice to receive gifts and things from the person you love.

Sometimes he lies to me that he does not have money when in truth he does. He rarely offers to buy me even a drink, and the last time we went out to the beach which is about twenty minutes drive from the neighbourhood, he made me fuel his car because the trip was cut short when I was called home early and we spent less than an hour together.

There was another time he asked me to go with him to a show and asked me point blank to pay for my ticket in. What should I do, I really need advice becauseĀ I don’t know if this man is the sort of person I should be associating with. Each time I talk to him about it he just says sorry and does it over again.

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