My Ex is Now Married and Pregnant But We are Still in Love

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I am a male of 26 years of age and I used to be a gang member before I got into the university.

I have been dating this lady before getting into the university and I am actually her first love so when she found out that I was a member of a gang, she was very mad at me but eventually we settled the whole issue and I promised her that I was going to try and leave the gang and even made her believe that I had left which was a lie.

I joined a chapter of my gang in my current university and continued with our evil activities without the knowledge of my girl friend.

It was a terrible day when there was a fight between my gang and a rival gang and someone from the other gang was killed.

All my gang members ran away from the school and both the rival gang and the school authorities were looking to arrest us.

My girlfriend got to find out what happened and was very angry with me but I begged her and she agreed to forgive me but very grudgingly.

A month after running away from school, I had to go back because my girlfriend wanted to celebrate her birthday and I had to give her my laptop to use as a DJ mixer for the party because I have a DJ software on my laptop.

Unfortunately I was arrested on that very day I stepped into the school and was eventually detained in prison custody for almost 20 months.

During this time, this lady always called me on phone and also brought me food stuff regularly. She also made herself available any time I needed her assistance while I was still in the prison custody.

In fact she was my angel and saving grace during my time in prison.

When I was eventually released from prison and got back home, I got to find out that this lady got pregnant four months earlier for another man and had also agreed to marry him. They had even set a date for the official family introductions as is the custom in this part of the world.

When I heard about this I was devastated, I called her on phone and she came to visit me and explained to me that it was her family that adviced her that I will die in prison and that she should move on into another relationship.

She even offered to abort the pregnancy but I told her not to do such a thing.

She eventually gave birth and also did a very big wedding with this man who happens to be rich.

In spite of this, she always assured me that she was still in love with me and was not in love with the man she married.
I also felt the same way about her too and we continued to date and have s*x even after she gave birth because she always told me that she was not happy at home with the man she married.

We promised each other that we are going to secretly get married and then planned that her next child should be mine and not the husband’s child.

The last time we saw, she had come to spend two days with me and few weeks after she got back to her husband’s house, she called me and told me that she had done a test and that she was pregnant for me and we were both happy because that was what we planned.

I travelled out of the country and we did not see for some months so when I came back she came to see me and I asked her to go for a scan. When she came back with the results, I calculated the dates and compared with the date we made love which did not tally and that is how I got to know that the pregnancy was not mine.

I was angry and disappointed and confronted her about this. She tried to dilly dally around the issue but eventually opened up that she also made love to her husband a couple of times after she came back from visiting me and it just so happened that she took in that time.

Right now I feel so betrayed and sad because how could she have done this yet she claims to love me?

She has been begging me not to leave her because she still loves me and has been promising that the next child she has will be for me and that she will not fail me again but I just don’t know if I should forget about her and move on though I still love her but I don’t know if she truly loves me or if she is just using me.

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I also think of those times in the past when she forgave me for lying to her and also how she stood by me during my time in prison and I feel it will be unfair not to forgive her.

But what she did was so painful to me and I am just so confused.


ADs (do your own research):

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Why still together as she got married? Will u feel better if u see ur wife having affair with her Ex?