My Ex Left Me for No Reason but Now She is Begging me to Take Her Back, Should I?

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I was dating a certain girl back when I was in school, I loved her so much that I virtually worshipped the ground she walked on. I did everything I could for her and my friends were even irritated by the way I was adoring her.

When I was about graduating, she started developing funny attitudes like lying, not answering her calls and other questionable stuff. But I didn’t just want to start having any negative ideas because I loved her too much.

I finally graduated and at the same time she travelled for a 1yr industrial training (IT) program. During this time, it was as if our connection was severed. She never called and it was obvious that she just didn’t care anymore.

One time during the 1 year training, I travelled to the city where she was doing her IT with hopes of seeing her. I stayed for a whole month but this girl didn’t even try to see me. She kept saying she was too busy.

I was able to guess her chatting password and discovered that she was dating people and even visiting them. I came back disappointed, devastated and heartbroken. I finally made up my mind to move on and stopped calling her. She never called after I stopped calling and for several months we did not speak.

After a year and half, I’ve moved on. I now have a job that I’m just managing and not in any relationship but quite okay with being single for now. Suddenly this girl began calling again, pleading with me and proclaiming her undying love for me. I now live in another city that is very far from where she lives but she still won’t give up.

For me I’ve forgotten about her and moved on with my life but she just won’t quit.

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I’ve been single and I’ve actually been enjoying my life the way it is, now she wants to come back into it and I don’t want heartbreak again. I don’t know if I should take her back or should I refuse? Kindly advice me what to do.

ADs (do your own research):

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I suggest you refuse her request and continue with your life as you always did, according to your story, she doesn’t love you at all, for a fact I think she’s just pretending to love you now cause she might want something from you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t forgive her, but well, at the end it’s still your choice, if you still love her and you feel you can still trust her then gladly take her back.

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

She can’t leave u without reason rather she didn’t disclose it to u,, and since she came back, she sees the reason not genuine that made her to leave.

Elizabeth Adeola
Elizabeth Adeola

What could her motive possibly be? I mean, to me she surely rejected you, but this her renewed love for you is suspicious. Just tread with caution, if you still love her accept her