My Family Does not Approve of My Fiance Because He is Poor

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I met my boyfriend four months ago and I am in love with him and he means the world to me. He is 30 years of age and I am 24. We are both degree holders and are both planning to further our academic pursuits. We love each other so much.

He is so matured caring and understanding. He treats me like a queen. We started out as ordinary friends and gradually became very close. That is one reason why I accepted his proposal for marriage.

The problem we are both having now is that my father does not approve of him because he is not fanancially balanced. My boyfriend is not working for now and assists his mother with her petty business which is not very profitable.

I adviced him on searching for a job with his current qualification which presently he is doing and I am supporting him. I work in a company as an Industrial Trainee Student.

My family despises him and I am reluctant to even explain his miserable plight to them because I am afraid it will make them hate him the more, since they expect me to get married to a well to do man. In fact my father and brothers have threatened to deal with me if I am seen with him. I am very sad by all this and dont know how to get my family to approve of him. Please advice me if our union has a chance or not.

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ADs (do your own research):

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My sis please follow your @ marriage is everlasting


Your family are worried about you because they love you and wants the best for you.But from the things you said it is only normal they react that way,they have nurtured, cared for you since you were a child so they would want to see you settle down well.Of course the decisions whether you should follow your heart or not is also there.There is a lot of things to consider before you make a decision.Do you truly love this guy and won’t end up loathing him for his position if you decided to follow your heart and marry this guy… Read more »