My Fiance Got Another Lady Pregnant, What Should I Do?

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My fiance is 29 years and I am 25 years old. We are both planning on getting married come next year. we have been dating for two years now.

Presently I am three months pregnant for him and his family knows about it and they have approved our union. I’m even staying at his parents house right now.

Last month a strange lady came to the house (my would-be in-laws house) with a nine months old pregnancy claiming that my fiance was responsible for it. He never denied it and claimed that he had given this lady some money before to get rid of the pregnancy, but did not know she never did.

This lady has now put to bed and is currently staying at my boyfriend’ parents’ house with the baby. I get jealous most times because he spends a lot of time with the baby and the mother and I have been living there since I got pregnant.

Now I am thinking of terminating my pregnancy since I have observed that he still cares very much for this other woman especially with the baby. Please I need advice on what best to do as I don’t want to be hurt now that I feel I can still do something about the situation.

Should I terminate my pregnancy and quit the relationship once and for all. Help me, I am dying silently inside.

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ADs (do your own research):

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Hannah Ferdinardo
Hannah Ferdinardo

You don’t need to terminate the pregnancy before you call it quits, break whatever you have with him, end the relationship, give birth to your kid, and get married to another guy instead of this one, I think that is the best option than to terminate an innocent unborn child