My Fiance Has Impregnated Another Girl in His Neighbourhood

My fiance of 6 months is heaven sent and everything a decent woman needs in a man. He is so amazing and his family so caring to the point that they sponsored me abroad to study for my masters program.

We have been dating since my first year in the university and since then he has always addressed me as his ‘wife’. Everybody knows us as a couple and it is the general belief that we will get married after I conclude my masters degree study overseas.

Now After concluding my study, I returned from the United Kingdom approximately 2 weeks ago from today and I noticed the attitude of my fiance’s family when I met them. Something had definitely changed because the warmth which they usually accord me was not there; rather there was this sympathetic look on their faces although they were still quite nice.

I eventually discovered that my fiance had impregnated another girl in the neighbourhood. My God! I almost collapsed when his mother told me. She explained that she has been keeping the secret because she wanted me to graduate and did not want to distract my studies.

By now I still cannot believe that I have not committed suicide yet because it is as if I have lost all will to go on. He and his family have been pleading with me to forgive and marry him. He claims the other lady means nothing to him and his mother even went as far as making the lady in question call me on phone and encourage me to go ahead and marry him because his family does not particularly approve of her.

I feel so betrayed and cheated and wish I could end the relationship but how can I turn my back on all that they have done for me. I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I really do feel hurt. please help because I need to take a decision now.

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