My Fiance Infected me with an STI, Is He Cheating on Me?

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I’ve been dating my man for more than 5 years now and it has been five years of ups and downs. We’ve been through a lot together and experienced many challenges, even separated at some point but we are back together now and thinking of settling down.

We love each other so much and he trusts me very much but I don’t trust him 100% because of the nature of his job (he travels a lot and usually has to stay in hotels alone, sometimes up to a week.)

The reason that made us separate was due to many issues we kept having after I got pregnant for him few years ago and I terminated the pregnancy for some personal reasons which he understood and obliged although with so much problems.

All these problems made me to stay away from him for about a year without much communication, though he sent people to beg me but I turned them away.

After about a whole year of this separation or kind of “break up”, he still kept begging and after much begging I decided to reconcile with him because of the love I have for him.

We have now been back together for about 8 months and everything has been nice and rosy; we are currently planning to legalize the relationship next year but I noticed something last month which has been giving me a lot of concern.

Last month I noticed a growth in my private part and when I did some searching online, I discovered that it looked very much like Genital Warts which is a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Now I am 100% sure I got it from him because he is the only person I’ve ever been with all my life. Even when we were separated for a whole year I never did anything with any other guy.

This means he has probably been cheating on me with other girls and that’s how he caught this STI.

I now feel very hurt and betrayed because I did not expect to be paid back this way for loving and staying faithful to him.

I feel so badly right now that I’m seriously considering ending the relationship because although deep down I still feel a little love for him but I don’t know if I can ever get over the hurt and pain of knowing that he not only cheated on me but gave me an STI.

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I just feel sad, betrayed and confused and I don’t know if I should just end the relationship. Please advice me.


ADs (do your own research):

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That’s really sad. That guy clearly doesn’t have your best interest at heart, as far as he could even ask you to terminate your pregnancy; that shows his inhumane nature. Look for a way and cure yourself and look for a better man that isn’t detrimental to you or your health


He may likely have been cheating on you 🥺
Killing your unborn child wasn’t really the right or the best thing to do 😢
If you feel you can forget about him easily, and that you can’t forgive him then go ahead and end the relationship, but if you still love him and can find a place in your heart to forgive him then give him another chance.
It might be he’s a changed person, but if he isn’t, pls end the relationship as it is emotionally and medically harmful to you.