My Former Boyfriend is Begging to Come Back But I Love My Current Guy

I was in a relationship with a guy who I think does not really have feelings for me but was just after love making.

I have tried everything I can to make the relationship work, but it never does and each time I quit the relationship he comes begging and when I forgive and accept him back, he starts disturbing me to sleep with him. He always does this.

Now I am in another relationship with a guy who I am 2 months older than, but this guy is more caring and loving and respects my feelings but I am concerned about the matter of age because I am senior to him. I am afraid that the age problem might be an issue with my family if things get serious to the point of marriage.

Recently my ex boyfriend came back apologising and I almost gave him another chance if not that he almost immediately started insisting on sleeping with me.

I ignored him this time around but the problem nagging me now is whether I should accept my ex back or continue with this other guy who I am older than but truly loves me and cares for me because I dont want to hurt him.

I am 24years old and my ex is 30.

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