My Friend Caught Her Husband in Bed with their Neighbour’s Wife

My friend has been married for over fifteen years now with three children. She is very devoted to her religious faith and very often participates in church activities as she worships in one of the pentecostal churches with her family. Her commitment to her faith often has her attending programs outside town where she has to travel and spend days away from home.

She was supposed to attend a conference at her church’s headquaters one good day when she realised that she had forgotten her prayer mat at home and had to go back to the house for it. But to her surprise when she got home she found her husband of over fifteen years in their matrimonial bed with one of their neighbour’s much younger wife.

Despite the rude shock, her reaction at this discovery was civilised as she quietly asked the lady to put on her clothes and leave. She then asked her husband to have a bath because she had decided that she was no longer attending the church conference that day.

Days after the incident, the implication has dawned on my friend and right now she is devastated. Her dilemma is that she does not know what to do. Whether to leave her husband and end the marriage or try to stop or limit church commitments and save her marriage.

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