My Friend Told Me that My Girlfriend Agreed to Sleep With Him for Money

When I started dating this girl she was very decent and I was the one that disvirgined her. She is twenty-five and I am twenty-nine. Six months after we started dating I started hearing things about this girl’s character which was unbecoming. I learnt that when I am not around she flirts around with different guys and I even saw one of her suspicious chat conversations with a guy on facebook in her phone. I confronted her with all this and she denied it flatly. Well I did not have proof so I let it be and warned her to be careful.

The problem I have is that I dont know if I can trust this girl because I have observed that she is a liar. I told her to accompany me to one of my friends place where we spent a long time together in his room. At a point this friend of mine suddenly burst into the room and told me that we should both molest my girl in bed. I objected strongly and reminded him that she was my girl and not a common prostitute. He took me outside and begged me to forgive him but I should know that the girl was loosed and deserved to be treated like a prostitute.

We nearly had a fight but I just ignored him and told my girl that we should leave. I escorted her to her house and went back to mine.

Imagine my surprise when around 11:00Pm in the night I heard someone at our gate. When I checked it was my girl and she was in tears. I asked her what was happening and she told me that my friend had forced himself on her. She said he came to her house and deceived her that I asked him to come and get her and bring her to me.

She said he took her to a lonely place and forcefully slept with her. When I confronted my friend about this the next morning, he only laughed and told me that he simply enticed the girl with money that’s why she followed him, and that when he refused to give her the money after sleeping with her, she got mad and threatened to blackmail him.

Please I need your help as to what to believe now. When I recall everything I hear about this girl and my friends explanation I find it difficult to believe my girls story. Am I being a fool in love and blind as well not to see what this girl is doing behind my back. What if she has been honest with me and was telling the truth. Who should I believe now, my friend or my girlfriend. I still have feelings for this girl and I dont want to loose her, but I don’t want to be ridiculed as well by people.

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