My GF Was Molested By Robbers and Got Pregnant But She is Claiming that the Pregnancy is Mine

I have a girl who I met at a social function in our town. She is thirty years old and a year older than me but she is very pretty and looks younger than her age.

I developed very strong feelings for her and I believed she cared for me as much. I was already thinking of going to her parents to introduce myself officially when the whole problem started.

Myself and this young lady usually meet at a friends place in town. We spend our time together and sleep over till the next day. On this fateful day when we arranged to meet, she was coming quite late to the neighbourhood and at that time the area was very insecure.

She came across a gang of robbers on her way to where I was waiting for her, and she was robbed and molested. She never told me what happened that night because she still came to the house and spent a few days with me.

About two months ago she called and told me that she was two months pregnant and I was responsible. I was happy at first but later on I tried to do my own calculation and discovered that it may not be possible that I was responsible.

I later got to find out what happened that night and that she was actually molested by those people and when I asked ger she started crying and pleaded for forgiveness after she confessed what really happened. ThenI asked her if truly the pregnancy was mine but she did not give me any response.

What do I do now. I am not sure if the child is mine or not, but what is bothering me most now is why she did not confide in me that night?. Because of this I am afraid to accept her back. I am confused!

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