My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With My Neighbour But She is Denying it

I am a young man of twenty-five and have been dating a girl of twenty-three for close to three years now before a terrible thing happened.

A guy who lives next door in the same building where my parents rented an apartment became my friend ever since we moved in. He is of my age and is in the university while I am not.

My girlfriend regularly comes to our house to visit and spends time with me. I introduced her to this friend of mine, and I did not suspect anything initially.

I work with a private electronic company as a sales attendant so I usually leave the house for work as early as 7:00 am to come back late in the evening. My parents and most of the other co-tenants also leave for their respective businesses and jobs at about this same time everyday.

My girl who sometimes spends the weekend with me came around about two weeks ago. Things seemed normal enough when I left her one fateful Monday morning to go to work. She remained at my place because she said she was too lonely in her house because she was an only daughter and her older brothers were not living with them. I did not see anything wrong so I left her for work, but not before I told my friend next door that I was going. I even asked him if he was not going to class that day and he said that he was not feeling well.

When I got to my place of work, my boss asked me to go and get him something in town and so I left and since where I was going was close to my neighbourhood, I decided to quickly check on my girl at home, so I bought some snacks to take to her.

Lo and Behold! as I walked into the corridor in our house. I saw my girl emerging from this neighbour’s room with him wearing only her night gown and they were both sweating and adjusting their clothes. My neighbour looked visibly shocked when he saw me. My girl spontaneously ran to me and hugged me and it was then I perceived the foul play from her perspiration and from the way her hair was dishevelled and scattered.

It was obvious that they had been doing something inside his room. I don’t know the words to describe how I felt, but I was totally demoralised. I couldn’t believe it. I walked out of the compound in a daze and instead of going back to the office, I found my way to a bar where I got myself heavily drunk. Because I did not return to the office I even got into trouble with my boss and almost lost my job.

I have not set my eyes on this neighbour friend of mine because he went back to school before I got back home and my girl has been trying to beg me to forgive her for going to his room but has not admitted her fault till now.

Please I need advice to tackle this problem which is causing me heartache should I blame this neighbour for what happened or is it my girl who consented to the act that has the blame, because I am certain she was not forced to do what she did. Yet she keeps saying nothing happened and the story she told me was obviously a lie.

Although I have feelings for this girl but I don’t trust her anymore. What must I do before I go crazy and do something stupid because that whole affair is giving me a lot of psychological trauma. I need advice urgently.

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