My Girlfriend Got Engaged to Someone Else Even though She’s Pregnant for Me

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It involved a lot of stress to finally get this girl to agree to a relationship. We were both in the same university but I was ahead of her because she was in her second year and I was in my third year. I am twenty four and she is twenty years old.

I really put up with many of her flippant attitudes while asking her out and was patient for close to a year before she broke up with her ex who hurt her really badly.

We have been dating ever since then for about two years now.

Last year I graduated from the university and shortly after left for my compulsory one year national service. Before I travelled she told me she was pregnant. I was so elated and told her not to terminate the baby because I intend to marry her once I came back.

For about six months while I was away, we were not communicating as regularly as we used to but I felt may be it was because of the distance. I decided to pay a quick visit home. I was shocked when I got to her place and I received a very cold treatment from her siblings who told me their sister will soon be married and that she is no longer interested in me.

I was shocked and didn’t want to believe what I was hearing so I tried to see my girl but they will not allow me so I tried calling her and sending her messages online with no response from her even when it showed that she had read them.

Then she eventually responded to me. She was very harsh in her tone and told me she was fed up with waiting for me and accused me of flirting about with other ladies in my station. Honestly I can not imagine where she got this notion from because I did nothing of such. In fact I went to great lengths to avoid being tempted and brushed off numerous advances from other ladies. I also made it clear to everyone that I was not available

I pleaded with her anyway yet she was resolute. I asked about our child she was carrying and she laughed scornfully and told me straight that it was a forgotten matter and she was now pregnant for her husband to be.

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Please I am utterly devastated and confused. I keep wondering what I must have done wrong. Do I really deserve this treatment from her? After all everything seemed okay before I left for my national service. Or do you think someone or some group of people (probably her siblings) are the ones engineering her actions. I need advice please on what next to do.

ADs (do your own research):

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I think you have to take this to court then 🥺 She has told you that she has closed her heart to you already, which means you can’t be with her again, even her family’s involved 😥 I know it’s painful, but the best thing you should do is forget about her and move on What you should be worried about is how to get custody of your child when she gives birth (that is if you really are sure that you are the father of the child), that is where the court comes in They might do a DNA… Read more »

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