My Girlfriend is Lazy and No Longer Respects Me

I live overseas with my girlfriend. I have a good job and I earn a very attractive salary. Our relationship is about a year now since we met.

In the beginning it was very lovely as we both expressed real affections for each other, but now things seem to have changed; and every shred of affection we have is falling apart.

She no longer respects me and has became so bold as to habitually shout me down even when we just talk. In short, she treats me as if I am a baby and complains and whines all the time for one little thing or the other.

I don’t blame her though sometimes, because she is does not yet have a job and also very lazy.

She provokes me to the extreme sometimes that I am forced to hit her. She has failed to fulfil the sacred vow we made at the start to always love and respect each other, rather she makes rules that favour her alone, which is selfish of her.

She is always travelling spending days even weeks with the excuse of job hunting but when I broach the issue of formal engagement with her, she just turns off.

She is always looking for one reason or the other why we cannot be engaged now. Although I love her so much, I am fed up with the relationship because of her unbecomming character. Please what do I do?

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