My Girlfriend is No Longer Interested in Love Making after Two Years of Dating

I am desperately in need of advice! I am a 23 year old guy and I have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for nearly two years now. I met her in my homeland, while she travelled there and decided I would move with her back to her country after her stay. By then we had been together for nearly a year. In the beginning of our relationship love making was amazing, even once I had moved here to her country it was still amazing and frequent, maybe 3 to 4+ times a week.

When i first came to her country, I needed to stay with her but she wanted me to eventually find my own place, which i reluctantly did. You see because at first i wanted us to live together, I had left my home country to be with her but now I have been living in a flat with students since.

My problem now is that my girlfriend never wants to make love to me anymore, she likes to cuddle and kiss but I don’t necessarily like that anymore perhaps due to our lack of the real thing which now happens maybe only once a month and normally I have to argue for it now with her.

So through our lack of it I have grown bitter and resentful and am constantly aggressive because I’m hurting. I feel rejected, isolated, ugly and worthless. On top of that my girlfriend barely makes any time for me anymore, I feel as if it is not even important for her anymore, that i am not important to her anymore.

The other day she had returned from a holiday with friends and I wanted to have a romantic dinner with her but she wanted to go watch the soccer world cup and told me that I am holding her back from enjoying soccer. When i protested against the idea we ended up still having the dinner but you see the resentment still sits deep inside me because I had to initially argue with her for the pleasure of her company.

I feel that I am too young and have sacrificed too much to feel like this, to feel that I’m treated as if i mean nothing. I enjoy love making, my drive is high, i could do it everyday without a doubt, but I’ve made changes in order to accommodate my girlfriend. But when she never wants to be intimate anymore i don’t know what to do. I end up watching indecent movies.

Everything seems fine as well, I mean she is happy and spends a lot of time with friends or family, works, studies etc but when it comes to me or intimacy, it just seems so difficult for her. So i don’t know what to do anymore. I’m growing hateful and falling out of love with her. Some advice would help a lot.

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