My Girlfriend Says that She is Still in Love With and Even Pregnant for Her Ex-Boyfriend

When people talk of broken hearts, I never really pay attention or believe it can ever happen to me until my recent experience. As I write to you, my heart is about to EXPLODE from my chest, at least that is how I feel now.

The girl I have been dating and love so dearly has been acting funny for some time now. Her actions are strange and distant that I began to suspect some foul play.

My suspicions were actually confirmed when I confronted her with the matter and a very long argument ensued during which she boldly and angrily told me to my face that she was still in love with her ex boyfriend and was actually pregnant for him.

As much as I love this girl, I know she can never love me the way I love her because she loves someone else and according to her that cannot change.

I am thinking of just waiting for her to come around to her senses but I know that is wishful thinking, because she has clearly started that she will never change her mind.

I am so broken hearted now that I dont know what to do, please advice me on what to do to get her out of that special place in my heart before I do something crazy. I am 26years old and she is 19.

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