My God, How Can I Cope With This Kind of Girlfriend?

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I’m a one man one lady kind of guy. I am God fearing and I don’t believe in deceiving people because I feel I am likewise deceiving myself.

I am into a relationship that is almost four years now. I met her in my final year at the university, she was a fresher. I fell for her because of her beauty, I asked her out and she agreed.

She told me how she had just come out of a relationship and was still hurting and I promised never to hurt her, PEOPLE if am in love I give 100%.

I was kind to her, gave her money, gifts and cared for her like every gal would dream of. I even introduced her to my family just to make her have some sense of security in the relationship.

Then her ex came back to her and she agreed and started cheating, I eventually found out and she begged me, cried like a baby, she even choose me over the guy in his presence the guy was angry and even tried to hurt me hurt me, but that’s another story and it has passed.

One major problem with this girl is that she tells too much lies, she lies about virtually everything.

At the onset we shared our password details because I wanted everything to be plain and open. She has my password and I had hers. She eventually changed her password after I left for National Service

This happened even after sitting her down, advicing her and giving her much money because her parents are not very well to do and could only afford to give her very little money.

I opened an account for her and kept it funded. Yet after I travelled she started misbehaving, dating guys online, hanging out with terrible girls at nite, going to clubs and was even dating my friend’s uncle at some point.

She kept doing stuff that I am not proud of, and when I find out, she will travel for almost 12 hours to where I was to come and cry cry cry until I forgive. She will beg and beg and even roll on the floor and she will promise that it will never happen again.

Several times I have forgiven her only for me to find out that she still continued in her terrible ways. Even the banker that opened the account for her she told him I was just her childhood friend and eventually started having an affair with him.

Bottom of the story, I have been terribly hurt by this girl. I put my all into this relationship. I really loved her and focused my attention on her because we planned our future together. I even pray with her on phone when I was away on National servie. I have never envisaged being with another girl that’s why even when she will hurt me and come apologizing I will still forgive.

I have spent money on her, bought her phones, clothes, shoes, stuffs so she wont feel she needs others guys. My dad even calls her always and she is free wit everyone in my family.

Sometimes I feel angry with myself because I’ve had so many opportunities to cheat but I was always trying to be the faithful boyfriend up to the point that my friends would even laugh at me.

I just don’t know what to do. She seems to proclaim a lot of love but acts otherwise and never heeds to my advice.

I have even tried breaking up with her artificially just so that she will change and come back but she just wont stop. Even while begging to come back she was still meeting up with guys.

Now she claims she is sorry and ready to change and I tried to give her a chance but the energy to bring out the love I have for her is dead.

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Now even if she does anything I just read it other wise. I no longer trust her one bit and always doubt everything she says. I pretend to forget about the past but it really hurts me when I think. Though I still love her but I am afraid because I have been here before on several occasions and all I got was heartbreak and pain.

People please I need advice on what to do. Can I get married to such a girl? Can I cope?

ADs (do your own research):

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This lady is beyond redemption and is only playing on your emotions. I would advice you to cut off from her for your own sanity and mental health, or are you ready to continue like this for the rest of your life? Because I doubt that she will change. Honestly bro she doesn’t deserve you.

Oloyede Israel
Oloyede Israel

Leopard never changes its paws it is better to let go of her and move on because her claim to turn a new leaf is fake.As you move on you will find a better lady who is submissive.


Crystal clear the girl doesn’t feel any ounce of love for you 🥺
You can’t possibly cope with her, you shouldn’t get married to someone like that
Please leave her as soon as possible before she turns you into something else or make you do something you’ll regret 😣