My Guy Has Four Girlfriends But He Said I Should Give Him Time to Get Rid of Them

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I am a single mother of one, and there is this guy that am dating presently. He is 30 years old and we have been seeing steadily for about three months now. This guy is so handsome and nice and has most of the qualities I really desire in a man.

When we just started the relationship, he actually told me that he has about four girlfriends but that his relationship with them was not serious just that I should please give him a little time to get rid of them. I appreciated this honesty of his then and decided to give him a chance.

He declared his intentions to marry me but I told him to be patient till I am through with my studies. I was thrilled inwardly by his attitude when he knew I was a single mother and was still willing to marry me.

We both reside in different states in our country, although we are both from the same hometown.

The issue here is that I happened to attend an interview in the state were he works just last week and decided to be with him, over the weekend. On saturday one of his numerous girlfriends called and said she would be coming over the next day.

He has told me about this particular lady before and when they spoke on phone he told her to come with money as he was not financially buoyant.

What he told me about this lady was that he had intended to marry her previously but her family was against it because they were not from the same hometown.

He explained to me that I should not be offended or discouraged by this lady’s visit because he did not want to hide anything from me.

When this lady arrived who was older than me with 4 years, I was introduced to her by my guy as his younger sister. That night she cooked dinner and I was playing pretend for my guy, and forced myself to eat a little from the meal to satisfy him.

The next morning my guy gave me some money as transport fare back to my state which he took from this lady’s bag added to what he had given me before.

I was no longer comfortable in the environment and had to quickly take my leave. He accompanied me to the bus station and there started pleading with me. He said I should not be acting funny because he needed time to get rid of all his girlfriends.

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He also said he needed me in his life and since then he has been disturbing me with calls and messages to forgive him and understand. What should I do because I don’t know if he is serious or just playing games with me. advice needed.

ADs (do your own research):

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