My Husband Became Rich and Started Treating Me Badly

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I am married with two kids. Before my marriage to my husband, he used to treat me like a queen but now he has changed and the contrary is what is happening now. Back then he did not have much money or friends though he was very hardworking but now he is well to do and his businesses are doing very well. Now he treats me miserably and humiliates me at any slight opportunity in the presence of his friends and siblings.

He is keeping friends who do not respect their wives, and do not allow them to accompany them out on occasions. My hubby gets angry unnecessarily and when I try to talk things out with him he shuts me off and walks out on me and doesn’t return to the house till the next day or even two or three days later.

Although I am educated and a graduate, I don’t have a job and I am desperately looking for one. He does not give me money for upkeep and when I ask him to start a petty business for me, he outrightly told me he does not have money. This has caused a lot of argument between us.

Strange girls are always calling my phone telling me how they are dating my husband. I have reported him to his mother and all she was able to tell me was that ”all men are like that , that men will always be men and I should bear it because the way her son is treating me is normal in this part of the world” Imagine that!

When I got pregnant with our second child, my husband told me to terminate it that he was not ready for another child yet but when I refused he made me to go through hell until I finally put to bed and then he became the one to be jubilating more than ever.

Last month my younger brother who stays with us mistakenly left the candle which he was using to read burning and slept off only for the candle to burn out and scorch the furniture. Because of this he sent me and my brother packing accusing us that we both conspired deliberately to set his house on fire. He told me to also go with the kids that he will send money to me for their upkeep. Now I’m in my friend’s house and I have been begging him to forgive me but he adamantly refuses. Please what do I do now, because I am confused and fed up of his maltreatment. Advice me.

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ADs (do your own research):

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What kind of husband treats his wife that way 🥺
I would have suggested you go for a divorce but you already have kids for him, and that would surely affect your children if you do that
I can only suggest you either involve both your family members to try and resolve the problem, but if he still doesn’t want you or the kids, then I guess you should take the matter to court and probably divorce him
I pray God helps you 🙏