My Mum Doesn’t Want Me to Marry the Girl I Love

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I am 29 years old and I have been dating my girlfriend for about five years now and we both love each other very much.

She has confirmed that she is ready to marry me anytime I’m ready and that she is willing to wait which made me quite happy.

But my mom has said that she will not accept her as my wife because she doesn’t like her.

I love my mom a lot and I can boldly say that after God in my life comes her.

But I also love my girlfriend very much and she’s a girl I’ll really like to marry but I don’t know if my mom will have a change of mind in future.

I have tried numerous times to reason with her but she seems so adamant in her insistence that she will never accept her as my wife.

I almost broke up with my girlfriend yesterday because of this issue but from the look of things she loves me so much and is not ready to give up on me.

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I just need advice on how to go about this pls. Note I’m not a mummy’s boy but I really want my mom to love whoever I get married to in future because that would make me the happiest person.

ADs (do your own research):

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This is a tough decision 🥺
Sit your mom down, ask her why she doesn’t want that girl for you
She has to have a reason, then when she tells you, just try to make her see the bright side of things and why she doesn’t need to worry
You can also get a trusted family member to join you in your quest
If she persists, then she expects you to make a choice 🥺
But I mean, come on! You are old enough to know what’s best for you 🤗 your mom should know that.

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Ur Mum ur every thing,, find another girl. U can’t replace ur mum but u do for ur girl

Jimoh Kazeem Bolaji
Jimoh Kazeem Bolaji

If your mum doesn’t have any other excuse apart from just mere dislike I’ll advice you follow your heart desire, but if she has a more cogent reason then I’ll advice you take a look at her reasoning