My Parents are Against Him Because they Believe that He Has Charmed Me With a Love Spell

I am a young lady of 25 years old and a degree holder. I have a five years old son out of wedlock, although I am still dating the father.

My parents are against our relationship despite the fact that I have a son for him. I love him and I know he loves me too because he provides everything that his son and I needs But he is a jealous lover. But for some reason I can’t fathom, my parents insist that he has charmed me with some kind of love spell.

We have fought severally over the fact that I am always chatting online and social networking by virtue of my discipline as a communications expert. When we quarrel, we make up after a while though.

There was a time we quit the affair for over a year, but we got back together. He used to get physical with me in the past but now he no longer beats me.

We still love each other in spite of all odds and strive to always stay together. Presently we are living togeher but my parents are not aware. They are still insisting that I must not marry him claiming he has put a spell on me and that I will suffer and regret it in future.

My problem is that I have invested so much in my him and our relationship and I just can not walk away like that.
Should I disregard my parents wishes or should I turn my back on the father of my son please I need your help so that I can make the right decision.

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