My Sister is About to Marry A Guy Who Once Molested Me

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I need your candid advise and urgently too. I dated a guy four years ago who hurt me very badly by cheating on me with a friend of mine and further molested me physically. The incidence made us to go our separate ways and destroyed my relationship with my girlfriend, for life.

I never forgave this ex of mine and ever since then we lost contact and I moved on with my life. I was still in the university when I met him and most of our time was spent on campus so he was not very well known to my family members except by name. All that was four years ago.

The problem now is that my younger sister is getting married and she invited us to the house for a family dinner and to officially meet her husband to be and to formally introduce him to our parents. I travelled from the state where I presently work in a computer firm to my home state for the introduction.

The day that was set aside for the visit came and my sister’s suitor arrived our house in company of his sister and another friend. Lo and Behold! my sister’s soon-to-be husband turned out to be this same ex boyfriend of mine who molested me four years ago. He was also shocked when he saw me and though he tried to hide his surprise, my sister noticed both our reactions.

Well the introduction went on anyway though all through the dinner I tactically avoided him despite one or two attempts from him to get my attention. After everything my sister asked me about what transpired between myself and her husband-to-be asking if I knew him previously.

I told her that I knew her fiance before now from our days in the university but I did not tell her everything that transpired between us, only that we were not really friends.  My sister didn’t seem too convinced and asked me if there was anything else to the story and I said no. But since then I’ve been weighed down with the guilt of hiding the truth from my own sister and I have been quite confused on what to do.

What do you think I should do. Should I reveal the truth about this heartless man and discourage my sister from going ahead and marrying him or should I let sleeping dogs lie.

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I know my ex is in panic and does not know how to reach me because I have deliberately avoided making contact with him ever since the introduction day. I can’t say I hate him but I cannot imagine having him as my future brother in law…

ADs (do your own research):

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Advice her about the kind of person he was