I Have Two Loving Girlfriends and they Are Both Expecting me to Marry Them, How do I Chose?

I have a girlfriend that I have been dating for four years now. She loves me as much as I love her, although I have caught her cheating on me thrice. Those times she had always begged for forgiveness which I accepted.

For about a month now I met and have been chatting with another girl online. It started as just ordinary chats but somehow We have gotten quite close and she has confided a lot of things about herself to me. She says that she loves me so much and cannot do without me and she also claims to be a virgin.

I have met her once and she has also introduced her younger sister to me whom I have not met yet, although we have talked on phone. She says I am always welcome to their home and that her mother is aware of our relationship because she told her she has met a guy who is ready to marry her.

Now I am at a cross-roads as my other girl friend and this one are on my neck to marry them. Right now I don’t know the one to choose and how to tell the other off. I don’t want to hurt any body’s feeling especially these two ladies who loves me.

I had lied to the one I met online that I am not in any relationship because back then I never thought our relationship will get this serious.The parents of both girls are expecting me to come and formally make my intentions known to them. I accept my mistake of lying to the second girl and I regret it now but I dearly need your advice on what to do now as I am so very confused.

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