My Virgin Girlfriend Cheated on Me and Got Disvirgined by a Colleague of Hers

The girl I am currently dating is yet to gain admission into the university but she works in a hospital. We have been dating for three years now. She is still a virgin and the best we do when we are together alone is kiss and cuddle because she said she wanted to wait till marriage before making love. She said she was keeping herself for her husband.

I am in my final year in university and recently she accused me of not paying adequate attention to her because of the distance between us. For that reason I started making sure to travel once in a while to see her even though its a very long journey.

Not quite long now, her attitude changed drastically. She no longer calls or sends me sms message like she used to do. I thought that maybe she needed sometime to sort herself out so I stayed away for a while.

One day she called and told me that she decided to stay on her own due to some reasons. I inquired what her reason could be and she told me point blank that she is no longer a virgin that she has slept with a guy who works in the same hospital with her.

Honestly I really love this girl and made many sacrifices for her and still cannot believe that she could do such a thing. I don’t know what to do now as I really feel cheated betrayed and hurt.

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