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I have a girlfriend who I love so much and she loves me very much too but we school in different cities and only get to see during holidays, also sometimes I do travel to her school to visit her usually for some days.

But back in my school, I receive a lot of attention from other girls who just want me to sex them perhaps because of my looks (most People I’ve met, both girls and guys always tell me that I’m very handsome).

Many of these girls have come to my room in skimpy clothes and some even undressed themselves to lure me, one of them is even now threatening to lie that I impregnated her if I don’t agree to have s3x with her.

But so far I have resisted although it was not easy but I promised myself to always stay faithful to any girl I date because that is how I was brought up.

But the problem is that recently the pressure and temptation from these girls is becoming too much for me to bear and it seems to be getting harder and harder to resist. I feel I may be nearing a point where I can’t resist again but I don’t want to cheat on my girl even though she will never find out.

At the same time I just want all the pressures from these girls to stop because it always makes me to be on-edge and under tension, sometimes even experiencing some inconvenience while trying to avoid meeting or running into any of them.

Please fellas advice me, what should i do? Should I give in to these girls or should I remain faithful to my girlfriend even though it will be difficult.

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Help I’m Falling in Love With My Boyfriend’s Best Friend Sun, 03 Jul 2022 19:33:54 +0000
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I am a lady of 24 and I have a boyfriend whom I have been dating for four years now. He provides all my needs because he is financially stable and usually has spare cash. But he always cheats on me with other girls because he has money to spend on them.

His best friend is into a distance relationship with a girl and he has been very loving and faithful to this girl but the girl always make him feel bad and cheat on him because the guy is not financially stable like my boyfriend. In fact most times it’s even my guy that helps him out financially and also try to get jobs for him but no luck so far.

Now, this guy always complain to me about how his distance girlfriend is treating him and sometimes he is almost moved to tears because he feels hurt and he’s such a nice guy.

The issue I’m facing now is that I am falling in love with this guy but I am confused on what to do. I feel so strongly for this guy even more than my guy that provides everything for me bu always cheats on me. Please I need advice on what to do because I am confused.

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I Treated Her Badly and I Don’t Think that She Has Forgiven Me, What Should I Do? Sun, 04 Sep 2022 12:54:21 +0000
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I met a girl when I was in my third year in the university and she was so caring and understanding which made me to immediately develop affection for her.

I respect this girl a lot because she did not make things difficult for me when I asked her out. We dated for about six months before she fell very ill and was admitted to a hospital.

I became very close to her close friends who came to tell me that my girl was on admission at the hospital. I do not know what came over me then, but I must confess that I never one day went to see her in the hospital. I only told her friends I will be coming. After a while she was discharged but could not be attending classes as she was still recuperating. Her friends again came to tell methat  she was at home and very frail and wanted to see me.

Still yet I did not go to her and after then I lost contact with her. I just graduated last year and lately I was seriously thinking of this girl again and my conscience was riddled with guilt. I made a lot of attempt to find this girl and finally tracked her down and contact her on the internet.

I begged for her forgiveness and she said that she has already forgiven me but we can never be together again. She refused to give me her number and has blocked me from her chat.

Just two weeks ago I learnt from one of her friends that she was already engaged to marry and again I started feeling guilty because something in me kept telling me that this girl has not completely forgiven me.

Please help me and advise me on what to do because my problem now is how to secure her genuine forgiveness even if she does not want me any more. I have gone to her house and her father a retired soldier threatened to set the dogs on me so I could not see her.

I need this girls forgiveness because I know that nemesis is real. I am afraid of the repercussion of my actions, so that it won’t affect me or mine in the future. I am truly remorse now over the way I treated her, but I am ready to make ammends now no matter what it would cost me. Please what do I do, I am distressed as I no longer concentrate on anything I am doing again.

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I Love My Boyfriend But He Has Some Bad Habits Which I Just Can’t Stand Sat, 05 Nov 2022 18:43:44 +0000
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I met my boyfriend 3 months ago and he is a good man, However the problem I have with him even before we started dating, is that I observed some bad habits that he has which I cant stand.

He would fix a dinner date by 7:30 p.m and he would end up coming by 9:00 P.m without a call or text message to explain why he would be running late. He is always so restless when we go out together jumping from one place to the other. He takes unnecessary actions and makes rash decisions without first thinking them over.

His stories changes everytime he retells them (He lies a lot). He drinks alcohol and yet denies it to me. He never picks an incoming call on the first or second ring, and he is always hard to reach on phone.

I could go on and on with strings of his irresponsible habits but the afore are just a few fundamentals It is quite Herculean for me putting up with all these habits. I know he loves me like crazy but his bad habits are killing me.

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