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The Top Sharer Gets to Win N60,000 (US $100) is a blockchain based website where you are paid in crypto for sharing and commenting on interesting posts and doing other simple tasks.

We are currently running a competition where the member who has shared posts the most times by the end of July 2022 wins an instant cash prize of $100 or N60,000 which they can cash out immediately.


Competition Rules:

  • You may not create more than one DearTiti account per individual
  • You must share using the Share or Tweet buttons at the bottom of the post you are sharing
  • You must not share the same post on the same social network (Facebook or Twitter) more than once a day
  • You must not share more than 15 posts per hour on any particular social network
  • Your Facebook you are sharing to must have more than 30 friends and your Twitter you are sharing to must have more than 15 followers
  • You must make sure that all the posts you share are visible on your Facebook or Twitter wall / timeline for verification
  • Anybody aged 15 years and above from any country IS ALLOWED to participate
  • You can share any post that has the Tweet or Share buttons (or both), irrespective of the date it was published, whether old or new


How to Enter the Competition (Entry is FREE)

STEP 1: REGISTER on DearTiti platform: You must be registered on to enter the competition. Registration is fast and Free. All you need is a Facebook or Google or Yahoo account.

To register, visit and click on Connect on any of the buttons for the network you want to be using to Log in (Yahoo or Google or Facebook), then follow the onscreen/popup instructions to authorize deartiti and allow access to that account. See details on how to register for DearTiti here =>

STEP 2: SUBSCRIBE and FOLLOW DearTiti: After registering, you must subscribe and follow Deartiti. See the subscribe form and official follow links here =>

STEP 3: START SHARING: After subscribing and following, visit the homepage at then scroll down and click on any post or story to view the full article and locate the Share and Tweet buttons at the end of the story/article. Sharing must be done using the Share or Tweet buttons you will find at the end of most posts and stories.

You will also find links to other stories to share when you scroll down the website under sections like Related, Popular, Featured, More etc

The person with the highest total shares (Both Facebook and Twitter) at the end of July 2022 will be the winner of the $100 Prize (N60,000).

Note that the DearTiti website also provides other ways that you can earn crypto doing simple tasks. You also earn free crypto for the first five shares each that you make daily on both Twitter and Facebook. Click here to learn How the Platform works.

Results and Winners will be announced second week of August 2022.

Good Luck! The earlier you start sharing the better so you must start today without delay. Registration is fast and free. Follow the steps above right now to enter the competition.

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I am Afraid to Break Up With Him Because He is a Cultist Sat, 09 Apr 2022 19:35:15 +0000
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I am 23 years old and I have been in a relationship with a 36 years old man since last year March. I have no feelings for him and I lately realised he really does care for me. This man is not formally educated and he is not very financially buoyant.

August last year I met and started dating a new man aged 32 years old who is not educated but owns a house. It was not long before I discovered that he is a member of a dangerous cult gang which explains his habit of drinking and smoking and I wont like such a man to be the father of my children. I don’t want to quit the relationship because I am afraid he will harm me.

I will be leaving for my national service by November and I don’t know if I should keep calm and use that as an escape route please advice me on the best way to go about leaving this man for good.

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My Girlfriend Permitted me to Sleep With Her Friend and Now She is Angry Because I Did It Wed, 29 Jun 2022 10:53:40 +0000
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My girl friend is a virgin and we have been together for about 2 years now and I love her so much. There is this friend of hers who has feelings for me, but I have tried to make her understand that I cannot be involved with her because I am already dating her friend.

Sometime last week, I was very much in the mood and I tried to sleep with my girl but she refused because she is still a virgin and we had a long discussion during which she permitted me to date other girls because whe was not ready to lose her virginity.

This I did and I went to that her friend and I invited her to my room and eventually slept with her. My girlfriend got to know somehow and became very angry with me. When I explained to her that she was the one who gave me the go ahead, she denied it and said she was only joking with me.

Now my problem is that I have been pleading with her to forgive me, but she pays me deaf ears and rejects all my gifts to appease her. I am having double thoughts about the whole affair and thinking of opting out because I am tired of begging her. Please I need your advice on what to do whether to go on pleading with her or quit the affair entirely?

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I Just Found Out My New Boyfriend Molested My Sister S*xually Years Ago Wed, 15 Jun 2022 09:14:14 +0000
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I am 24 years old, a female and an undergraduate in the university. I recently started dating a guy who I met three months ago at a friend’s party. He is twenty-five, and is into business although

I like this guy because he is caring and hardworking but we have a distant relationship because he stays in a different town from where my school is.

Two years ago my older sister who is twenty six was molested (r*ped) by a gang of boys and the matter was seriously taken up by my parents who arrested this guy and his friends although eventually the matter was settled out of court but the stigma and psychological effect still remains with my sister till today.

Please advise me on what to do now because I just found out that this guy I am dating has turned out to be my sisters molester. I could not have known then because I just got admission into the university and was not at home when the incidence occured, but I got to know it was this guy I am dating when I shared his picture on my status and my sister told me that’s the guy that did it.

They were shocked at this development and naturally they are strongly against our relationship and they have since advised me to stay away from this guy.

Do you think I should follow their advise. I really care for this guy and I want to believe he has changed since he suffered for his actions two years ago. I am afraid that if I go ahead with this guy I will be casted out from my family. Help me.

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She Claims to Love Me But She Has So Many Male Friends Fri, 17 Jun 2022 05:46:05 +0000
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I’m a young guy in my early 30’s dating a single mum for almost 2 years. Currently we live in different cities.

Things have been quite difficult for me financially ever since I lost my job and my car 4 years ago (before I met her). But she has been very supportive ever since we started dating.

She is working but earning a very small salary. She tells me virtually everything, even without being asked. Any day a guy asks her out or intends to take her out, she tells me immediately, asking for my permission and sending me updates via phone when they are out and also notifying me once she is back home.

She sends me money even without asking for it because she knows that I need it. My major worry is that she keeps so many men, in fact anyone that asks her out and he seems rich. Although she tells me about them all and still swear with her last blood that she is not getting laid with any of them.

She says that she is playing smart on them all in other to help me while I struggle to get back to my feet again. and she she is doing so in other to take care of her little daughter. That she can stop if I’m no longer comfortable with her hanging out with those guys as she told me.

To be fair to her, she does everything possible to win my trust, like leaving her social media log in details with me even when I didn’t ask for it and always giving me updates of her movement and activities especially with the guys because she says she does it so that I can be assured that she is not doing anything funny with them.

The issue now is that I’m not feeling comfortable with her hanging out with other men, but then I’m also having serious financial issues which means I can’t take adequate care of her needs presently. I don’t know whether to ask her to stop it or just overlook it and give her the benefit of doubt. I’m stuck and I need your suggestions please.

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Does He Not Love Me or Is He Just Being Stingy? Thu, 23 Jun 2022 10:40:06 +0000
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There is this guy I love dearly and I want to be certain he loves me as much. Whenever he is in need of something and I am in the position to offer it, I always assist him but on his part he has never done anything in return for me.

He never buys me any gifts, no matter how small, and I am not the type that demands for things. From guys. Our relationship is not up to a year yet and I have observed that it seems this guy is not a giver. Despite all this I expect him to show a little care. I never ask him for money or favours and most times I expect him to use his own initiative.

Please I need advise. Could it be that he is stingy, or he does not love me so therefore does not want to waste his money on me ? or maybe he is just putting me to the test ? I must note here that this guy is economically and financially okay and there is no sensible reason why he should be stingy.

Now that we have not gone very far in the relationship don’t you think it is wise to opt out now, because I don’t know how he would treat me as a wife if he can treat me like this as his girlfriend now. Help me please.

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My Girlfriend Cheated on Me With My Neighbour But She is Denying it Mon, 03 Jun 2013 21:12:34 +0000
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I am a young man of twenty-five and have been dating a girl of twenty-three for close to three years now before a terrible thing happened.

A guy who lives next door in the same building where my parents rented an apartment became my friend ever since we moved in. He is of my age and is in the university while I am not.

My girlfriend regularly comes to our house to visit and spends time with me. I introduced her to this neighbour of mine, and I did not suspect anything initially.

I work with a private electronic company as a sales attendant so I usually leave the house for work as early as 7:00 am to come back late in the evening. My parents and most of the other co-tenants also leave for their respective businesses and jobs at about this same time everyday so the compound is almost always empty with just a handful of persons around. I stay alone with just my mum and dad. My other siblings are not living with us.

My girl who sometimes spends the weekend with me came around about two weeks ago. Things seemed normal enough when I left her one fateful Monday morning to go to work. She remained at my place because she said she was too lonely in her house because she was an only daughter and her older brothers were not living with them. I did not see anything wrong so I left her for work, but not before I told my friend next door that I was going. I even asked him if he was not going to class that day and he said that he was not feeling well.

When I got to my place of work, my boss asked me to go and get him something in town and so I left and since where I was going was close to my neighbourhood, I decided to quickly check on my girl at home, so I bought some snacks to take to her.

Lo and Behold! as I walked into the compound of our house. I saw my girl emerging from this neighbour’s room with him wearing only her night gown and they were both sweating and adjusting their clothes. My neighbour looked visibly shocked when he saw me. My girl spontaneously ran to me and hugged me and it was then I perceived the foul play from her perspiration and from the way her hair was dishevelled and scattered.

It was obvious that they had been doing something inside his room. I don’t know the words to describe how I felt, but I was totally demoralised. I couldn’t believe it. I walked out of the compound in a daze and instead of going back to the office, I found my way to a bar where I got myself heavily drunk. Because I did not return to the office I even got into trouble with my boss and almost lost my job.

I have not set my eyes on this neighbour friend of mine because he went back to school before I got back home and my girl has been trying to beg me to forgive her for going to his room but has not admitted her fault till now.

Please I need advice to tackle this problem which is causing me heartache should I blame this neighbour for what happened or is it my girl who consented to the act that has the blame, because I am certain she was not forced to do what she did. Yet she keeps saying nothing happened and the story she told me was obviously a lie.

Although I have feelings for this girl but I don’t trust her anymore. What must I do before I go crazy and do something stupid because that whole affair is giving me a lot of psychological trauma. I need advice urgently.

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She Used to Be a Flirt and I Slept With Her, Now My Friend is Dating Her and Plans to Marry Her Fri, 07 Jun 2013 21:14:06 +0000
ADs (do your own research):

While in secondary school I briefly dated this girl who was very loose and promiscuous back then. She had a reputation as a flirt and many guys claimed to have slept with her. The relationship was not serious and honestly I got involved with her because almost every other guy back then seemed to have gotten a piece of her. The affair did not go any where because after I slept with her a couple of times, I lost interest and eventually we lost contact for many years until we coincidentally found ourselves studying in the same university.

Lately I came across her again but in a very unusual circumstance. I squat with some of my friends off campus and one day the older guy among us informed us that he has found a wonderful girl who he hopes to get married to and settle down with after school. He told us to be of good behaviour because the girl will be coming to the house.

Indeed later that day he came with her and to my greatest surprise it was this old secondary school girl of mine. She was also surprised to see me but we pretended that we did not know each other before. Later I called my friend outside and tried to tell him that he should be careful and not get too involved with her but I didn’t really tell him our story..

What I did not know then was that it’s like this girl over the years had grown quite decent and modest. She had even given her life to God, and was more focused and intelligent unlike before when I knew her. I was surprised to observe all this in her because I never thought a leopard could change its spots.

I decided to test her one day when she came to our house to see my friend and he was not at home. He had actually told me to keep her company whenever she comes till he returns. While we were in the room together I started making attempts to cuddle her and get her to sleep with me, but I was taken by total surprise at the vehement way she resisted me and admonished me about my behaviour.

I was really ashamed and embarrassed and pleaded with her to forgive me and not tell my friend. It will look very bad for me if this girl decides to tell my friend because I would be seen as a betrayer by my friends. I know he loves this girl and would not take anything for granted that would cause a problem in his relationship. I am quite confused and also I’m still wondering if I should tell my friend about her past or not.

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My Friend Wants to Pin Her Pregnancy on Another Nice, Kind Friend of Mine Sat, 11 Jun 2022 13:10:29 +0000
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My maid of honour during my wedding (who is also my very good friend) has been telling me about a guy she is so much in love with but she has not introduced this guy to me yet. Anytime I ask her about it she always comes up with one reason or the other usually that the guy resides out of town.

She informed me one day that she was pregnant and when I asked her who was responsible she replied that it was a stranger she met at a nite club and had a one night stand with. She claims she was a bit tipsy that night.

I asked about her supposed boyfriend and I was shocked when she told me she intended to put the responsibility of the pregnancy on him. She said she had even pressured her boyfriend to come and visit her so that they can make love and she can achieve her devious plan.

Few days later this boyfriend of hers came down to our city for a visit and I finally got to meet him and was utterly surprised to discover that it is the same kind hearted gentle man who helped me in securing an industrial training slot for four months when I was in school few years ago.

During that time we became good friends though not romantic. He was just such a very nice, generous, kind hearted, gentle and amiable fellow.

On seeing each other he grabbed me with joy and we hugged tight and almost kissed me in the excitement but quickly checked himself. My friend was very surprised that we knew each other and I later told her the story of how I met him.

I have not been myself since I discovered that this was the guy who my friend wanted to deceive with a pregnancy that’s not his. My conscience has been bothering me because I know that he is the last person that deserves such evil treatment.

Please I need advice on what to do now as this man is somebody I owe a great debt of gratitude and should appreciate by looking out for him. But now I am torn between being loyal to his girlfriend or looking out for him.

Should I connive with my deceitful friend and put the responsibility of the pregnancy on him, or should I just tell him what my friend is planning and risk losing the friendship I have with her.

If I decide to do any of the above, I will definitely hurt somebody . Please help me suggest what to do.

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He Always Deletes me from His Social Network Friends List Whenever we Have a Fight Thu, 23 Jun 2022 03:26:44 +0000
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socnet4My boyfriend is fond of deleting me from his friends list whenever we have a little misunderstanding. To be honest most times the fault is from me, but usually when I ask him to forgive me after deleting me, he usually forgives and then re-add me.

But today he has removed me again and I have tried adding him back several times but he keeps on declining my request. Now I am so frustrated and I feel like not adding him again because I am tired of his deleting behaviour.

He loves me so much and I love him very much too but he always complains of my Nagging attitude and I have been working on it but I feel he should understand that I am only human hence changing myself would be a gradual process but the deleting has gone too far and his refusal to add me back has gotten me at my wits end.

I am very sad right now and don’t know what to do because this is the only social network where we are both members and it makes it very easy for us to always keep in touch with each other when we are not together.

I am also confused r and don’t know what else to do so I want to know is it right for me to still continue sending him requests to re-add me to his friends list or should I just leave it as it is since he has declined me several times today and does it mean he is fed up with me?

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My Fiance Has Impregnated Another Girl in His Neighbourhood Tue, 28 Jun 2022 10:53:19 +0000
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My fiance of 6 months is heaven sent and everything a decent woman needs in a man. He is so amazing and his family so caring to the point that they sponsored me abroad to study for my masters program.

We have been dating since my first year in the university and since then he has always addressed me as his ‘wife’. Everybody knows us as a couple and it is the general belief that we will get married after I conclude my masters degree study overseas.

Now After concluding my study, I returned from the United Kingdom approximately 2 weeks ago from today and I noticed the attitude of my fiance’s family when I met them. Something had definitely changed because the warmth which they usually accord me was not there; rather there was this sympathetic look on their faces although they were still quite nice.

I eventually discovered that my fiance had impregnated another girl in the neighbourhood. My God! I almost collapsed when his mother told me. She explained that she has been keeping the secret because she wanted me to graduate and did not want to distract my studies.

By now I still cannot believe that I have not committed suicide yet because it is as if I have lost all will to go on. He and his family have been pleading with me to forgive and marry him. He claims the other lady means nothing to him and his mother even went as far as making the lady in question call me on phone and encourage me to go ahead and marry him because his family does not particularly approve of her.

I feel so betrayed and cheated and wish I could end the relationship but how can I turn my back on all that they have done for me. I don’t want to seem ungrateful but I really do feel hurt. please help because I need to take a decision now.

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