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DearTiti is a free blockchain-based “Web 3.0” platform where members can earn cryptocurrency by sharing posts, doing simple tasks, getting liked comments, promoting the platform and referring new users. Regular members also earn generous bonuses according to their usage of the platform. See how it all works (click here).

The payments are made in various Cryptocurrency. This cryptocurrency can only be withdrawn when the Platform gets to 2,000,000 email subscribers and 100,000 average daily page views.

DearTiti is a sub-project of the Utterverse Project ecosystem.

The Utterverse Project is a long term project that aims to build hundreds of various Blockchain-based applications which will all be interconnected in complex ecosystems each made up of sub-ecosystems of applications and web3 dApps.

DearTiti is one of the platforms in one of the sub-ecosystems of the Utterverse Project. This sub-ecosystem is meant to include several share to earn platforms, crypto faucets and content driven platforms and dApps.

DearTiti is the second platform in this sub-ecosystem. The first is RayMiner, a crypto mining platform.


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ADs (do your own research):