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Every newly registered user is automatically issued with a unique link which they can share with other non-members. This link is their referral link.

When any non-member visits a member’s referral link and subsequently registers for a new DearTiti account, that new registrant is said to have been “referred” by, or is a “referral” of the owner of the link.

You receive rewards in points and pre-mined cryptocurrencies when a new user registers through your referral link. New users also receive bonuses if they register using someone’s referral link.

Referring new users is one of the fastest ways of earning cryptocurrencies and other bonuses on The referral program is structured in such a way that rewards start small but as your total referrals increase, the rewards you receive become higher in value.

Note: You will ALSO receive earnings or bonuses when people visit the DearTiti website through your referral link.

Note Also: Your referral link is different from the posts that you are supposed to share to earn. When sharing a post to earn, all you need to do is click on the share button at the end of the post. Only posts that are shared using the share buttons attached to the end of the post will earn you sharing points. This is different from the referral links system described above where you earn when people visit or register through your referral link. Your referral link can be shared without using the share buttons, just copy and paste the link into the social network or app you are sharing with. Places to share your referral link can be whatsapp, telegram, facebook, twitter, instagram, tiktok, blog comments, blog posts etc.


More on Referrals

Where to Find your Referral Link

To locate your referral link, log in and check the section above or log in and scroll down to near the bottom of any page (after the leaderboards). You will find your referral link, the number of users you have referred (i.e how many people have registered through your link) and how many visits you have had on your referral link.


The Referral Process

For every visitor that visits the DearTiti website through your referral link, you earn crypto and bonuses. You also earn further crypto if any of these visitors register on the website.

When a non-member visits your referral link, all they have to do to register is to connect with any of the available platform buttons (Google, Facebook, Yahoo) and on successfully connecting, they are placed under you as your referral.


However, they must also complete their registration (by going ahead to select a username then clicking on “Register”) before you will receive all the associated benefits for that referral registration. (See here for more about the registration process).

It is also important that your referrals stay active by using the platform regularly for you to receive greater rewards and bonuses. If your referrals are not active you will receive less rewards but the more active your referrals are, the more rewards and bonuses you will receive.

WARNING: It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use fake accounts or accounts created just for the purpose of gaming the system to receive referral bonuses. It is also STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use automated or fake sources of traffic to get visits on your referral links. The DearTiti platform implements a sophisticated AI-powered mechanism to detect such activities and any account discovered to have violated this rule will be deleted, together with all earned cryptocurrency and all associated accounts. Such deletions are done automatically by the system and cannot be reversed or appealed, you have been warned!


Some Tips on Promoting Your Referral Link

  • Sharing your referral link on social media platforms, blogs and other websites is the most common way to promote your link. When doing this, care should be taken not to breach the spamming rules of any platform where you are promoting your link.
  • Persons with blog followers and communities on social media could also promote and share their referral links to their page, group or subscribers.
  • Email lists are also a good way to promote your referral links.
  • Paid promotion is also an effective means of promotion. This can take the form of text, banner ads or sponsored posts on popular blogs and websites. Targeting the relationship, dating, writing, romance books, money making, finance and cryptocurrency niches usually performs best.


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