She Said that She will Leave me if I don’t Sleep With Her or Marry Her

sadmanI met a lady about 6 months ago, she is 24 years old and in her 2nd year in the University. After two months of dating she insisted that we get married right away. I encouraged and adviced her to focus on her education first and promised never to leave her but she did not want to see reason with me.

I love her so much to the extent that anything she asks for I give to her. Although she is not too demanding it’s just that she keeps insisting on love making and marriage. I always try to let her understand why it is important for her to focus on her education first but she won’t listen to me. I love this girl very much and don’t want to lose her for any reason.

Before we started I told her no love making until marriage due to my christian belief and I am the type that finds it difficult to break my important words. On weekends she normally comes to my place and most of the time she insists that we make love. But because of my beliefs I always try to resist her and so far we have never done it.

But she came to me yesterday night and said that she was giving me two options to choose from. She said that I must accept one of the two options or else I should be prepared to lose her forever. These options are either I make Love to her or I give her a date for our wedding ceremony. Now I am so confused because I don’t want to lose her forever but at the same time I don’t want to go against my beliefs hence I need advice on what to do.

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