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Sharing and Commenting are the two major ways to earn the most on DearTiti. This is in addition to other ways of earning described here.

  1. Sharing: You get paid for the first 5 posts you share on Facebook and the first 5 you share on Twitter every day using the “Tweet” and “Share” buttons attached to the end of the stories. (A day is counted as 24 hours).
  2. Commenting: You don’t get paid for every comment you make, rather you get paid only when a comment you made is liked by another member. This payment is made for the first twenty total comment likes you get within a 24 hour period (a day). That is, you get paid for each comment like you receive up to a limit of 20 likes per day. You are therefore advised to always make sure your comments are helpful, sensible and relevant so as to attract more likes.


Sharing and Commenting Guidelines and Rules

Payments are made subject to the following rules, guidelines and tips which must be adhered to for the earnings to be valid and to avoid penalties.


Sharing Guidelines and Rules:

  • There are two types of shares: Sharing of your referral link and sharing of posts
  • Sharing of posts earns you points just for sharing, while sharing of your referral link earns you points only when people visit or register through your referral link.
  • Sharing of posts must be made using the Tweet or Share buttons at the end of the posts and stories for you to earn points.
  • You can find posts and articles to share by visiting the homepage at You can also find more posts to share by scrolling down the platform to locate sections like Popular, Featured, Related etc.
  • Make sure that you are logged in (connected) to DearTiti before you share posts. Any share made while NOT logged in will not earn you anything. Note that the platform logs you out after every couple of hours for security reasons so you often need to log back in again after every few hours.
  • Your facebook account must have more than 30 friends and your twitter account must have more than 15 followers for the shares to be valid.
  • After sharing, make sure the posts you shared are visible on your Facebook or Twitter wall so that they can be verified for payment.
  • Copying and pasting the post link to your Facebook or Twitter does not count as a share and will not earn you any points.
  • Sharing the same post more than once within a 24 hour period only counts as one share. But you may share the same post after 24 hours and it will be counted as a new share.
  • Sharing of your referral link may be done directly without using the Tweet/Share buttons, Just copying and pasting the link directly is allowed, however you only get paid when someone visits or registers through your referral link.


Commenting Guidelines and Rules:

  • You are not allowed to ask or solicit for likes from other members or incentivize others (in any way) to like your comments.
  • Your comments should be thoughtful, helpful, insightful and well articulated so as to attract likes without you having to ask others for it.
  • You must NOT also create groups of accounts or cliques to like each others comments or to game or cheat the system in any way. The platform employs an AI algorithm that can detect cheating activities and detected accounts may be banned without opportunity for appeal.
  • Do not post spam, links, advertising or irrelevant comments.
  • Do not post explicit, adult, pornographic or overly sexualized comments.
  • Except where the context of the original post allows, avoid one or two word answers like “Cool”, “Okay”, “Good” etc
  • Comments and replies to others’ comments must be civil, respectful and courteous. Do not insult, threaten, bully, malign or disrespect the persons in a story, the original poster and other commenters and/or their personality, values, culture or beliefs.
  • Comments should be made in English to the best of your ability. Try to avoid using shortened words, slangs, acronyms, vernacular or other colloquialisms.
  • Failure to adhere to these rules and guidelines may lead to penalties such as fines, deduction of points and earnings from your account, suspension or outright permanent ban without appeal.
  • The degree of the penalty is determined by the gravity and frequency of the offence.

ADs (do your own research):