She Claims to Love Me But She Has So Many Male Friends

ADs (do your own research):

I’m a young guy in my early 30’s dating a single mum for almost 2 years. Currently we live in different cities.

Things have been quite difficult for me financially ever since I lost my job and my car 4 years ago (before I met her). But she has been very supportive ever since we started dating.

She is working but earning a very small salary. She tells me virtually everything, even without being asked. Any day a guy asks her out or intends to take her out, she tells me immediately, asking for my permission and sending me updates via phone when they are out and also notifying me once she is back home.

She sends me money even without asking for it because she knows that I need it. My major worry is that she keeps so many men, in fact anyone that asks her out and he seems rich. Although she tells me about them all and still swear with her last blood that she is not getting laid with any of them.

She says that she is playing smart on them all in other to help me while I struggle to get back to my feet again. and she she is doing so in other to take care of her little daughter. That she can stop if I’m no longer comfortable with her hanging out with those guys as she told me.

To be fair to her, she does everything possible to win my trust, like leaving her social media log in details with me even when I didn’t ask for it and always giving me updates of her movement and activities especially with the guys because she says she does it so that I can be assured that she is not doing anything funny with them.

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The issue now is that I’m not feeling comfortable with her hanging out with other men, but then I’m also having serious financial issues which means I can’t take adequate care of her needs presently. I don’t know whether to ask her to stop it or just overlook it and give her the benefit of doubt. I’m stuck and I need your suggestions please.

ADs (do your own research):

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Ask her to stop before it’s too late
Or if you are okay with she doing stuffs like this for financial gains to you,then leave her but
Note: love conquers all, even money.

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