She Has Stopped Sending Me Text Messages Since We Started Dating

I am in love with a girl who has all the qualities and attributes of my dream girl.

She attends the same school with me and our paths cross frequently but we are not on talking terms. Things changed for good early this year when we got to talking and since then we have become quite close because I always advice her on her academics, as well as sending her complimentary text messages from time to time.

Most times when I send her such messages from the way she responds, I feel she appreciates my gesture and when I finally summoned up courage to open up my feelings to her, she took it lightly and told me that it was impossible because she does not love me.

Recently I told her that I intended to limit our friendship and familiarity because each time I get close to her I fall more deeply in love with her. She was taken unawares and responded that I should give her some time for her to see if she can love me back.

Eventually she accepted to date me, but ever since then I have noticed that she has stopped calling me or sending text messages to me, telling me of her love.

My sincere intention is to make this girl happy but she is not making it easy for me with her cold attitude. What does this mean? Is it that she does not really love me and if so what can I do to make her love me as I love her. And again I would like to know what makes girls fall in love easily so that I can see if such would work. I need your advice.

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Keep on trying she WL love.let the love barn in her soul


She dnt want u no more bra…. Let it go n move on…
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