She Lied to Her Husband that He is the Father of Her Baby, Now See What Happened

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There is a friend of mine that fell in love with a guy and they were dating for about four years. During this time we (her friends) kept advising her to leave the guy because he was not financially buoyant and not very educated and no good job so the guy was always broke. My friend didn’t listen till she got pregnant for him and that was when she realised she couldn’t cope with him, but she didn’t tell him she was pregnant though.

That same period there was this very rich guy that was asking for her hand in marriage so she allowed him to get intimate with her and then switched the whole thing on him that she was pregnant with his baby.

She then broke up with her poor boyfriend and accepted the rich guy’s proposal of marriage. The poor guy begged and begged and begged but although she loved him, she did not change her mind and went ahead to marry the rich guy.

The rich guy was very happy because he loves her like crazy and bought so many gifts for her when he heard that she was pregnant for him. Even when the baby was born, he bought an expensive car as a “push present” for her.

Since she gave birth to the baby, they have been living in peace with the man not ever suspecting anything at all thatthe child was not his own.

But the matter now is that for close to five years after giving birth, she has not been able to get pregnant again.

She has gone to numerous fertility clinics and hospitals and even traditionalists all to no avail. Nobody has so far been able to solve her issue and she has remained childless. Meanwhile her rich husband is someone who likes to have many children and even always told her so before they got married.

However he has been very patient with her even though they both know that he really really wishes to have more children.

He is also of the opinion that since he got her pregnant before, there’s nothing wrong with him so he has not really tried to seek for any medical or other kind of help, though he usually takes any medications or treatment suggested by the wife.

But She is now so depressed and convinced that what she did (lying about her child’s father) might be having some kind of effect (like karma or something spiritual) and this is what is affecting her ability to give birth again.

She believes that she needs to confess to her husband that the child is not his but she is very scared to tell him because she believe he would do something drastic to her. Also how would his family feel about her and will her marriage to him still continue.

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And lastly how would she explain to her ex boyfriend that the baby is his baby? She really needs some urgent answers please.



ADs (do your own research):

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She should say the truth and the truth shall set her free If she is scared her husband will do something drastic, she should break the news to him while there are friends or family members with her, she should tell him she’s sorry, and ask for his forgiveness, if he accepts her, she should try and think up other options with him, such as having an adoption, artificial insemination, or something similar But, if he doesn’t accept her, she has to let him go 🥺 About telling her ex, there’s no specific way she should explain the truth to… Read more »

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Then what next?