She Says that I Always Make Her to Sin

ADs (do your own research):

I am a 23 years old guy and in my third year in the university.

I met a girl when I was in my first year and she is now 20. We got talking and I started developing feelings for her and I am sure she did too, though I never really asked her out, it was just a close friendship although distance too because she wasn’t schooling in the same town.

Nevertheless, I do make out time to visit and hang out with her whenever she comes home on holiday.

On the last new year’s eve the 31st of December, I went to visit her and we were just outside before she pleaded with her cousin to let us in the house not knowing she had sometin else in her mind. We went inside and she pleaded that I should kiss her and I did.

That was the first time we ever did anything romantic and nothing else happened after that day. December this year will be making it the 4th year we met and I’ve never for one day request for sex. But since that day we kissed, things have not been going on well between the both of us because she has been behaving oddly.

I’ve ask her severally what the matter was and after much disturbance she eventually told me that she had become a “born again” Christian and she has turned a new leaf and now tries to avoid sin but that I always make her to sin.

Frankly I was happy when I heard that she has become born again but was shocked when she told me that I always make her sin. I was happy because I have actually met someone who I intend to date and move on with and I needed a way to distance myself from this friendship.

Well I told her that I don’t want be making her to sin and that the best way is just for us to cut the friendship and closeness and stop communicating regularly but since then, it has not been really easy for her to let go.

I’ve pleaded with her that we can still be frnds buh she refused, now she is in her first year in university (newly admitted), while I will be in my final year by January. Each time I tell her that I am now close with someone else she gets angry.

Now the problem is how can I convince her that we should stop the communication? I’ve told her to block me on social media but she has always refused.

The fact is just that I’ve long moved on with my life after I met someone else although we are not datin yet but this new girl has been so good to me. I just need your advice on how to part ways with this other girl on mutual agreement.

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I’ve stopped callin her but we still chat regularly. Mind u, I’ve always wished her the best and even told her I can never forget our friendship and the fact that I once had a lovely friend like her. But I just want to cut the communication so that I won’t be making her sin.

ADs (do your own research):

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It was her call, then, stay away from her, if you want to be just friends, treat her like a friend, mind the kind of messages you send to her, visiting her should be minimal
The best way to cut the communication is to tell her directly that you want to stop being close to her, and the reason, and also, it seems like the right thing to do.

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Stay away from her simple

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Bad guy