She Slept with Her Ex Because Her Husband Was Cheating on Her

I am single but my closest friend got married 3 years ago. Barely a year after the wedding, my friend started complaining that her husband cheats on her. Although I felt bad, I adviced her to be patient. Not long after, my friend’s husband became so randy that he now keeps a mistress.

My friend again came to see me about the issue, this time crying profusely. I did my best in calming her down and on her way home she ran into one of her ex’s: They caught up on old times and eventually ended up in bed.

The next day she came to my place again and confided in me about what transpired with her ex the previous day, and I was greatly surprised. She felt she should tell her husband and ask for his forgiveness.

I adviced her against it although I know that my friend is crazily in love with her hubby, and would do anything for him if she set her heart to it.

My problem now is how to convince her not to say a word to her irresponsible and wayward husband whom I am afraid will take it against her and hurt her even more than ever, because I do care very much for the well being of my friend.

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