She Used to Be a Flirt and I Slept With Her, Now My Friend is Dating Her and Plans to Marry Her

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While in secondary school I briefly dated this girl who was very loose and promiscuous back then. She had a reputation as a flirt and many guys claimed to have slept with her. The relationship was not serious and honestly I got involved with her because almost every other guy back then seemed to have gotten a piece of her. The affair did not go any where because after I slept with her a couple of times, I lost interest and eventually we lost contact for many years until we coincidentally found ourselves studying in the same university.

Lately I came across her again but in a very unusual circumstance. I squat with some of my friends off campus and one day the older guy among us informed us that he has found a wonderful girl who he hopes to get married to and settle down with after school. He told us to be of good behaviour because the girl will be coming to the house.

Indeed later that day he came with her and to my greatest surprise it was this old secondary school girl of mine. She was also surprised to see me but we pretended that we did not know each other before. Later I called my friend outside and tried to tell him that he should be careful and not get too involved with her but I didn’t really tell him our story..

What I did not know then was that it’s like this girl over the years had grown quite decent and modest. She had even given her life to God, and was more focused and intelligent unlike before when I knew her. I was surprised to observe all this in her because I never thought a leopard could change its spots.

I decided to test her one day when she came to our house to see my friend and he was not at home. He had actually told me to keep her company whenever she comes till he returns. While we were in the room together I started making attempts to cuddle her and get her to sleep with me, but I was taken by total surprise at the vehement way she resisted me and admonished me about my behaviour.

I was really ashamed and embarrassed and pleaded with her to forgive me and not tell my friend. It will look very bad for me if this girl decides to tell my friend because I would be seen as a betrayer by my friends. I know he loves this girl and would not take anything for granted that would cause a problem in his relationship. I am quite confused and also I’m still wondering if I should tell my friend about her past or not.

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ADs (do your own research):

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mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan

So what

mohammed Yusuf Hassan
mohammed Yusuf Hassan