She’s Now Married With Two Kids But It Seems that We Still Love Each Other

I have known this girl since we were in secondary school. We attended the same church and extra mural classes together then. I had very strong feelings for this girl and seriously admired her. She was very beautiful and innocent too but I did not have the courage to ask her out.

As time went by I got to be close to her through her brothers who were my friends and not long after I became quite familiar to her folks (she had beautiful older sisters too!). We left secondary school and gained admission into the same university, and we never lost contact because we still met in church.

Suddenly her family moved and she lost one of her brothers and during that period I was there for her and she really depended on me and that is how I suspected she also had strong feelings for me.

Ten years ago I dropped out of school to travel overseas, only for me to return two months later because I was repatriated. During those two months we lost contact and when I got back I found out that she was married. I was devastated because I had already decided that I was finally going to open my mind to her. Since that time we lost contact again and for the past ten years I’ve not heard from her.

My problem now is that lately we met on facebook and we got chatting. She was really very open and addressed me as her “boyfriend that never was”! Jokingly we chatted about our old times and she told me how she had been waiting for me to ask her out all those years because she too was in love with me, but I never did.

I was surprised, and what astonished me the most was that when I asked her if she would still be willing to date me now she replied that I have not asked her yet?

Please I need advise, what should I do now. I realise I still have strong feelings for her after all these years, but she is married and I don’t understand what she meant by her answer. We have been chatting almost everyday lately I must add.

I am thirty-six now and still single although I am in a relationship. This childhood friend of mine is thirty-one and has two kids for her hubby. Help me, I am confused.

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