Can I Date a Man Whom I Have Never Met Face to Face?

I am a young girl 24 years of age and I am a student in one of the state polytechnics. Two months ago, I received a call from a guy who I don’t know and have never met before. He claimed I gave him my number about a year ago at a Function out of town, and decided to call me when he came across my number in his phone. Since then we have been chatting on phone and he has virtually told me everything about himself, including his likes and dislikes in a serious relationship.

Over this time he has asked me to date him promising to take care of me and eventually marry me, because he says he is in love with me. Honestly in my heart I don’t believe him because I think all men are the same, but the way he sounds on phone whenever we talk always put doubts in my mind.

My problem now is that I have never met him in person, he is so far away and I still find it hard to believe what he is telling me. But from all he has been telling me on phone, I am beginning to feel that he is ready for a serious relationship, and I dont want to lose such an opportunity experiencing true love.

Please, I need your opinion as to if I should give this guy a chance, since he is always asking me how he would see me, or on the other hand, I don’t know if he is one of those tricksters or playboys who take pleasure in deceiving young ladies like me. Your opinion would be greatly helpful.

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