Some Women Will Shock You: How I Caught My Fiancee

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I’m a graduate, working with a Freight and Logistics company. Some 9 months ago, I added a lady on social media due to her comments on my pictures, we became good friends, she advices me a lot and we eventually felt love for one another.

At first I believed she was an Angel, so friendly and trustworthy. So I thought to myself I have found that missing rib that I must make her my wife if God wills.

So I took her to my people, everyone became her friend because she’s quite attractive and very respectful. The relationship was so perfect, she never complained of anything and neither did I. Everybody knew her as my wife to be and I even called her “my beautiful wife” to which she would jokingly answer “my beautiful husband”

The issue began when she left for her national service program (NYSC). She stopped answering my calls including my mom’s calls, she reads my messages on social media without replying.

Note that my mom gave her money for her upkeep and I also gave her money too. In fact our relationship was smooth and cosy and we had no quarrel or issue whatsoever before she left for the camp so her behavious was very strange to us.

After a long time with no communication between us, I decided to go check on her at the NYSC camp.

Incidentally, I met an old friend of mine who was also doing his national service in the same place. He was so excited to see me and in the course of our discussion, he told me that he was having fun and he even met a lady he’s just using to while away time in the place, that this lady is a maniac in bed.

He said he had given the lady the impression that he will marry her after the national service program of one year and she had actually believed and people even call them husband and wife (although he knows that he is not serious about it and that after the program he would look for an excuse to break up with her.

I even advised him that it was not a very nice thing to do but this my friend was so much carried away by here supposed skills in bed that he was not ready to change his mind, even though he was already in a serious relationship with someone else back home.

Long story short, he wanted me to meet this lady so I obliged and went with him to her hostel.

On getting to her room, I received the biggest shock of my life when it turned out that the lady this guy had been telling me about turned out to be this very girl who I was already thinking of marrying.

She was so shocked and couldn’t believe that I could come check on her at that place and I was so heartbroken. She even pretended like she had never met me in her life and I had to play along too since I knew its game over between us.

With my heart in pieces, I travelled back home that night. I told my family members what had happened and in anger left for lagos that night and told my people what had happened. My mom called her but she did not take the call then she (my mom) sent her a text message to never to call her Son (me) again.

After 2 months of pains and heartaches she started sending all sort of apology messages that I should forgive her that it wasn’t her intention, that she is ready to make up for all her wrongs. She has kept calling but I did not respond. A number of times she called with a different number which I answered but immediately cut the call when I hear her voice.

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She has sent me numerous voice notes crying and pleading and despite the heartbreak I experienced, I find my heart going soft (because I really loved her before all this happened) and I’m now wondering if I should accept her apology and give her another chance. But I’m also scared because I don’t know what else she may have done (or is even currently doing) behind my back and without my knowledge.

Please do you think she’s worth a second chance? Even my mom has sworn never to see her with me because she was so disappointed in her… I need your advice please.

ADs (do your own research):

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