The Family of My Late Husband Want Me to Marry His Younger Brother

I am a young widow of twenty-nine with two kids (daughters) For my late husband who died a year ago and since his death I have never known peace with his family especially his younger brother.

My husband was quite wealthy before he died but made no will as to how his estate should be appropriated when he died. By tradition his first son inherits the property but my husband has no son since I have two girls for him.

While he was alive he really upgraded his family because he regarded them a lot especially his mother (my mother in law). He has a younger brother who has been overseas for a long time and who came back few weeks after my hubby died.

The problem and distress for me is that the family is trying to force me to marry this brother of his so that he can inherit his brother’s property and possibly have a son by him since we had only daughters. I resent this treatment and I don’t want myself or my children to suffer.

The family says that it is tradition and that if I refuse to accept they will take my children away from me and cast me out.

Right now I am seriously thinking of taking legal action but I’m afraid that my daughters might suffer for my decision. Should I accept their terms or seek for my just right? After all he is my hubby and father of my children. Please I need advise urgently.

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