Though She is Married She Still Wants to Date Me

ADs (do your own research):

There is a lady I met online. She’s pretty and very attractive with the kind of face and body I love. Initially it was just normal chatting between us but along the line we started having feelings for each other through our chats and conversations though we never met physically.

Then suddenly she got married without even letting me know, I only just suddenly saw pictures of the wedding on her profile and people congratulating her. I was shocked but when I asked her about it she said it happened suddenly and she was so busy with the preparations and all that. I wasn’t convinced by her answer and sought to know why she would do such a thing without at least a warning so that I won’t get too attached to her.

Eventually she stopped responding to my messages even when I sent her christmas and new year wishes and even birthday wishes she did not respond although I could see that that reads them. I felt so bad but had no choice but to stop messaging her and move on.

All that was over two years ago. Now since last month she suddenly sent me a message which I didn’t respond and she started sending apology messages and begging me that she is sorry for what she did. She sent so many messages telling me how much she loves me and wish she never got married (she has no kids yet). She expressed how she feels about me and that she can even make love to me. That she really needs me in her life.

Although I have not answered most of the messages but she knows I’m reading them.

I once told her to stop messaging me about this matter since she is now married but she got angry and later started apologizing and begging again.

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Right now I’m so confused about what to do because she is married and I don’t feel comfortable dating a married person. How do I detach myself from this lady because its getting worse everyday, or should I just give in because she seems to really be desperate.

ADs (do your own research):

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