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Aside from pJAG, None of the other Tokens on this page have been listed on any exchanges yet so do not be scammed with fake contract addresses and DEX listings. When they are Listed and available to Trade, their Authentic Addresses Will be Listed on this Page.

The cryptocurrencies (or tokens) currently being earned on are in a “pre-mined” state. This means that they have not yet been listed on any exchanges on the blockchain and cannot yet be withdrawn. (This does not apply to the ones which have already been minted on the Blockchain such as pJAG (JAGA). Such minted crypto may be withdrawn when a minimum earning threshold has been reached.)

The pre-mined cryptocurrencies will be listed when the platform’s email subscribers hits the 2 million subscriber mark and the platform’s average daily visits cross the 100,000 mark. At this point, users will be able to withdraw their earnings to their crypto wallets and sell or exchange them on the exchanges.

Listings will first be done on a DEX (Decentralized Exchange) and then listed on other blockchains and eventually on CEXes (Centralized Exchanges).

Any token that has been listed will be indicated on this page together with its authentic contract address so always visit this page to get the latest update on DearTiti token listings and contract addresses.

All the cryptocurrencies are part of a family of digital assets that will form the basic transactional, utility and economic (TUE) layer for the planned Utterverse Project ecosystems (for details on the Utterverse Project, see the LitePaper here).

The various cryptocurrencies that can currently be earned on are listed below with a brief explanation of their planned purpose and utility. Ascending to higher levels and ranks may also unlock new tokens.

NOTE: Aside from pJAG, None of the other Tokens on this page are listed on exchanges yet so do not be scammed with fake contract addresses and DEX listings. When they are Listed and available to Trade, their Authentic addresses Will be Provided on this Page. Subscribing and following DearTiti will enable you to receive a notice whenever any tokens have been listed and what their Authentic contract address is.

In this version of DearTiti, users are able to earn the following currencies:

  • pJAG
  • pDE
  • pNT
  • pRV
  • pMIN
  • pTT
  • pNA
  • pGV

(Note: The names above used on DearTiti are temporary names. The real names of the tokens will be revealed when they are listed. This is meant to eliminate cases of fraud and scam tokens. So if you see any crypto listed with the above names claiming to be DearTiti cryptos, you can be sure that they are not the real ones):

The descriptions below are the proposed features of these cryptocurrency tokens. These features are subject to change or modification as the Project advances.


Is a pre-mined version of JAGA token. JAGA token is a multi-utility cryptocurrency token on the Binance Smart Chain (BNB Chain). JAGA token powers the Jagaban Coin ecosystem which is another massive Project under the Utterverse (Learn more about Jagaban Coin here). DearTiti users earn pJAG for referring new members and for other activities such as daily log in and achieving a 7 day streak of unbroken daily logins. When a user accumulates a minimum of 2,000 pJAG, they may withdraw it in the form of real JAGA cryptocurrency tokens sent to their blockchain wallet at the exchange rate of 1 pJAG to 1 JAGA. To withdraw your pJAG, contact support when you have accumulated a minimum of 2,000 pJAG.

pJAG (JAGA) Contract Address (Binance Smart Chain)




Is a general purpose utility token meant to be used as a basic means of transaction across the entire Utterverse ecosystem and those of partners. It is a highly deflationary token meant to have a very large total supply at the beginning but having up to 60% being burnt over the course of 5 to 10 years. pDE will also be used as airdrop and staking rewards and bonuses for dedicated members of the ecosystem platforms and communities. As the project develops, pDE will be continually upgraded to increase its utility and value.


This is a charity based coin with some meme-like qualities that is planned for massive distribution and widespread usage. In addition to it’s meme-like qualities, it will also be continuously packed with utility and will be accepted as a means of payment in the overall ecosystem and those of partners.

The pNT token (or pNT coin) will be of a deflationary nature with 30% or more of the total supply planned to be burned over time to keep the price up. Owning pNT will be like owning SHIB or DOGE only much better because it will have multiple utilities, strong fundamentals and will be accepted in lots of places within and around the Project ecosystem.

It will also include a 3% Transaction tax on sells and 1% tax on buys. Part of these taxes will be redistributed to the community and also used to buy back and burn tokens while the rest will be donated to charities and invested in green enterprises and the UN’s SDG-related projects especially those in the areas of healthcare and poverty reduction for the most vulnerable.


This will be a highly deflationary token with multiple utilities. On DearTiti, you earn it mostly for every visitor you refer through your link. At its inception, it will be used primarily as rewards to community members and issued as part of bonuses, airdrops and liquidity mining yields. As new Projects are developed, it will be intertwined into the various aspects of the ecosystem, gaining additional utility as it is merged or paired with other cryptocurrencies. One of these utilities is as a creator coin which will be used to tip creators on the media platforms and social dApps that will be developed as part of the Ecosystem. Ultimately, pRV will be infused into the metaverses where it will act as a counterpart or alternative to the primary currencies for that metaverse.  There will be a 1% buy and sell tax which will be used to automatically buy back and burn the tokens leading to a gradual increase in value over time. Up to 60% is planned to be burnt over time.


This is the main metaverse-based utility token that will be primarily used in the play-to-earn gaming and other metaverses that will be built as part of the overall project roadmap. At the earlier stages (before the metaverse is built), the token will be farmable or stakeable to earn yield while the metaverse is being developed. pTT is also a deflationary token and will be needed to buy digital lands and other assets in the metaverse. 25% to 30% is planned to be burnt over time. It will have a 0.5% tax on sells. Revenue from metaverse taxes will also be used to invest in physical real estate to boost the overall project trust fund and community Treasury funds.


This is a multi-utility token to be used on all mining and faucet-based platforms in the ecosystem. pMIN will also be used as additional rewards for liquidity mining to hedge against impermanent loss. It will also be a widely accepted form of payment in the ecosystem and parts of the metaverses. Also deflationary in nature with 30% planned to be burned over time.


pNA will be one of the most valuable currencies with the strongest fundamentals in the ecosystems and will be powered by the NFT and gaming fundamental substructures. It will be deeply interwoven with the financial systems of the various NFT-based sub-ecosystems especially in the metaverse where it could also be used to buy or rent digital land. It will also be stakeable and farmable in the yield farms of the project. The number of pNA tokens will be fixed (not deflationary or inflationary) with the proposed total number of tokens to be minted being 100 Million. At this time on DearTiti, you can only obtain pNA by purchasing products from the Online Shop.


This is the Governance Token for the entire Project. Holders of this token will receive airdrops of every new token that is launched in the Project. This will be in addition to numerous benefits and bonuses that will be determined as the Project evolves. They will always be considered first in the ecosystem.


XP or Experience Points is not actually a cryptocurrency token but it is included here so as to distinguish it from the DearTiti tokens. The purpose of XP is to track usage and dedication of users. The more you visit and use the platform, the more XP you will earn.  As your XP grows, you advance from one level to another. With each new level you earn more bonuses and faster earning power. The highest levels also come with free metaverse NFT drops.

XP will also play an important role in the Play-to-Earn (P2E) sub-ecosystems where their value on the mining sites may be translated to benefits in the P2E games.

The fastest way to increase your XP is to log in to the website at least once a day and do all the available activities, You can also get a little more XP by buying items from the DearTiti Online Shop. XP cannot be withdrawn or converted to crypto but it will grant you more benefits as you earn more of it.


EXERGY is similar to XP in the sense that it is not a cryptocurrency that can be withdrawn. Instead, it is a points system that is closely related to community building and referral activities.

The fastest way to get EXERGY is to refer new users to register through your referral link. The more people you refer, the more EXERGY you will earn (in addition to other bonuses).

EXERGY will also be translatable to benefits in the P2E games, metaverses and other sub-ecosystems of the main Project.


Contract Addresses

At this time, only pJAG has been listed on the blockchain in the form of JAGA token so it is the only one that currently has a contract address.

pJAG (JAGA) Contract Address (Binance Smart Chain)



General Proposed Token Distributions

On listing, below are the proposed initial token distributions of the pre-mined cryptocurrencies. These figures may vary per token and are subject to modification as the Project progresses:

  • 35% for the community (mining, rewards, yields, airdrops, bonuses etc)
  • 30% for liquidity and exchange listings
  • 25% for Project Treasury (to kickstart ecosystem development, investments, insurance and emergency backup funds)
  • 10% for ecosystem development and management

NOTE: Aside from pJAG, None of the other Tokens on this page have been listed on exchanges yet so do not be scammed with fake contract addresses and DEX listings. When they are Listed and available to Trade, their Authentic addresses Will be Listed on this Page. Subscribing and following DearTiti will enable you to receive a notice whenever any tokens have been listed and what their Authentic contract addresses are.

ADs (do your own research):