Update on the Recently Concluded Share to Win Competition: We Made an Error!

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Good day dear Warriors.

Today we bring you an update to the just ended Share-to-Win contest for which the supposed winner was announced on 13th August 2022.

As some of you may already be aware, there appeared to be some issues with the declared winner and second place position which some users pointed out to us.

The issue was that the users who were declared winners didn’t seem to have had any sharing activity on the DearTiti platform.

Based on these observations, our engineering team commenced a forensic investigation to accurately determine why this was so.

This investigation involved manually tracing valid shares as opposed to the automatic method which was initially used.

During the course of the investigation, it was discovered that these users had found a way to manipulate the platform’s share tracking system using automated means, specifically, computer programs called bots.

Consequently, their accounts have been banned from the platform and their winning position revoked.

We are now, hereby, declaring a new winner for the competition. This is the person that actually indeed won.

Here are the new standings (True Winners):

1st Place (Winner): Okunwa Kenneth (Total Valid Shares: 263)
2nd Place: Mohammed Yusuf Hassan (Total Valid Shares: 136)
3rd Place: Jimoh Kazeem Bolaji (Total valid shares: 97)

Unfortunately, the now revoked initial winner was quick to claim the prize before reports of the issue reached us and now there is no way for us to recover the Prize from this person.

Therefore, to compensate the true first place winner, we offered to give him one-third of the value of the prize in cash in addition to some pre-mined crypto.

Thankfully, he graciously agreed to this compensation and we greatly appreciate him for his understanding despite not receiving the full cash reward as promised.

Also the previous 3rd place (Mohammed Yusuf Hassan) is now second place (you will be contacted since you already reached out to us).

The new 3rd place winner (Jimoh Kazeem Bolaji) is also advised to contact support (see the support here) to get a little consolation prize.

We also want to take this opportunity to apologize to you all for this slip up on our part. And we want to also appreciate you all for your continued support, contributions, understanding and belief in the Project and in us, the developers.

DearTiti platform is still in testing phase so there is bound to be a few bugs here and there. The purpose of being in testing phase is to be able to detect these bugs and fix them before the final full launch is done.

We assure that transparency, fairness and justice will always be upheld in all aspects of the Project, especially in disputes and issues such as this one.

So What Happens Now?

One of the main purposes of holding the Share-to-Earn competition was to help test the accuracy and reliability of the DearTiti platform AI’s share tracking system.

This incident has shown us that the share tracking system is not yet as reliable as it should be. While some aspects of the tracking algorithm are accurate enough, other aspects still need further work.

To be specific, all earnings from shares are accurately tracked and paid out. But the system that verifies valid shares on the social networks still need further tweaking before it can be used for a Share-to-Win competition of this nature.


Ongoing Share-to-Win Competition Suspended

For this reason, we have had to suspend the new $100 Share-to-Win competition that was announced at the end of the previous one.

To be clear, the current Share-to-Win competition which was supposed to end on September 30th 2022 has been put on hold.

You will still receive pre-mined crypto for your first five daily shares on facebook and twitter as usual, but there shall be no Prize for the top sharer.


New Competition Started: Refer-to-Win

To replace the Share-to-Win competition, we are commencing a new Refer-to-Win competition which starts today September 1st 2022 and ends 30th September 2022.

The member who refers the highest new users (through their referral link) wins this contest.

In other words, the user through whose referral link the most new members register during the period wins the contest.

Below are the cash prizes (Instant Withdrawal)

1st Prize (Highest Referrer): $30 USD (N20,000)
2nd Prize: $8 USD (N5,000)
3rd Prize: $5 USD (N3,000)

Read the full details about this new contest at => https://deartiti.com/winsept22


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Update on the Grants Program

We have also received some enquiries relating to when the results for the Grant will be announced so here is the answer:

Selected users shall be contacted between November and December 2022.

So if you have not yet submitted your application, there is still time. You can read more and get the submission link here.

ADs (do your own research):

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Thank goodness the issue has been resolved ❤️
Deartiti is really the best
We will definitely do our part to ensure the platform gets better and better 🙏


I love projects that show transparency and this is just the height of transparency. My confidence in this project has been renewed and I believe we are set for greater heights