We have Feelings for Each Other But She Already Has a Man

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I just got a job appointment with a firm for about 2 months now. There’s a lady who works in the same firm and looks so much like my ex girl friend, and I developed some fondness for her.

Gradually we become close and I asked her out and though she told me she has feelings for me too, she was already in a relationship with someone else. She usually calls me on phone and likes chatting with me but recently because of my busy schedule, I have not been calling her as much.

Suddenly, a few days back, she sent me a message via facebook that “God will settle our mis-understanding” in the meantime, I never bore any grudge whatsoever against her which she no doubt thought I did.This was probably because of my busy schedule at work- I hardly had time to spare for other things.

Later that day when I got the message, I walked up to her. To my dismay she feigned not knowing what I was talking about or remembering sending me any message.

I confronted her again and yet again she responded the same way. This got me angry and I walked out on her. Since then we have not been on speaking terms although we both know what we feel for each other.

Please I need advice on what to do to set things right between us again because I am afraid that her initial feelings for me may have died down due to the communication gap. Help me.

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ADs (do your own research):

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Jacqueline Zidana
Jacqueline Zidana

Don’t waist your precious time with someone who doesn’t belong to you.