We Said No Love Making Till After Marriage But She Went and Cheated on Me and Even Had an Abortion

Coincidentally myself and my girlfriend are currently doing our national service together in the same state. We began our relationship when we were both in our third year and met through a campus religious fellowship. We have slept together only once which we both regretted, and since then we both agreed to avoid it till we were ready for marriage.

On my part I remained faithful to our agreement because of the fear of God in my heart and I really had it in mind that since we planned to get married as soon as we are stable, it was worth the wait. I only discovered not quite long ago that my girl breached our agreement.

In our station, we normally organise evangelism and deliverance crusades, so on one of those occasions a powerful man of God was invited to minister at the function. It was a wonderful meeting as a lot of people got healing and deliverance.

The anointing was very evident at the crusade that night and during one of the sessions we all head a shrill cry from the crowd confessing. The person turned out to be my GIRLFRIEND! She was crying as she was confessing after the anointing had touch her and she was saying how she slept with a soldier and got pregnant and committed abortion just a week before we came to our service stations. I was stunned.

You can not imagine my astonishment as all these things were playing out because I knew I was hearing the truth. After the confession she was brought out and prayed for by the man of God who told her that she has been forgiven.

The challenge I’m having now is that although she has confessed and we are both believers, I feel totally betrayed and deeply hurt by her actions. It has affected my feelings for her and now I don’t know if I should go ahead with the relationship.

She came to me after the crusade and pleaded with me crying and even rolling on the floor begging me to forgive her because it was the “work of the devil” according to her. But I am so hurt and devastated that I cannot even look at her in the face. She said I can decide what I like but that she still loves me.

Please advise me on what to do because I still love this girl but I am afraid to trust her anymore. What should I do because she has confessed and God has forgiven her so who am I not to forgive. Why can’t I seem to forgive her totally and try to trust her again, or do you think I should call the relationship quits as maybe Gods purpose for us is not to end up as man and wife, as we planned before?

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