Why do I Always Pretend that I’m in Love?

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I am a 22 year old girl and I’ve never fallen in love but I have guys who I claim to love yet within me I know that I’m not serious with any of them. I just act as if I love them in order not to hurt them.

I might meet a guy and he professes love and I will accept but still the love is not there. I have guys who I claim to date but I know I don’t have equal feelings for them.

I will be a graduate by next year but I don’t have someone to call my own for real. I find it difficult to have someone so dear to my heart that I can’t do without them. Someone who I can truly say I love.

Despite the fact that I have up to 4 suitors at the moment desiring to marry me but i just take all of them as equal with no special feelings for any of them.

I really need advice on what to do because this is a big burden to me.

I don’t know if I am normal or if it is just infatuation that is killing me? I’m just confused and tired of being like this.

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ADs (do your own research):

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John Kevwe
John Kevwe

It might be a condition or something, if they are repelling to you,then it’s a condition but if they aren’t then you just haven’t found the one you really like, just stop pretending and wait for the one you’ll be interested in


Wow 😮 4 suitors.
Well, I don’t believe it’s infatuation though according to your story.
Sit down, ask yourself what you really feel for them and if you have a special feeling for any of them, if you don’t, then I think it clearly shows you haven’t found your true love ☺️
It takes time for most to find their true love, while it’s more sooner for some.
Don’t rush yourself, take one step at a time, you’ll find the right guy you are ready to spend your life with 💖

Georgiana Madekwe
Georgiana Madekwe

Then you’ve got to learn to stop pretending, love is a feeling and it takes time, stop accepting advances of people you don’t really love.