Winner of $100 Prize in the July 2022 Share-to-Win Competition + New Competition Announcement

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Hello Warriors,

Many greetings from this side of the Universe.

UPDATE: There is a new Update Concerning the winners of this competition. The previously declared winners were found to have cheated and new winners have been announced. Please read the update here and disregard the rest of this message as it is no longer accurate.

As you know, our very first Share to Earn competition for Deartiti ended on the last day of July 2022 (nearly two weeks ago).

The competition was fierce and exciting with many users battling head-to-head and toe-to-toe for the crown. But there could only be one winner.

We wish to sincerely thank everyone who participated and appreciate them for their effort and time.

We will like you to know that even if you do not take the first place, your efforts have gone a long way to help in growing the platform and this growth will ultimately benefit you financially and will be adequately compensated in the not too distant future when our project has grown.

Also, there will be more competitions like this, starting with the next edition of the Share to Earn Competition which begins in two days time (Monday 15th August 2022) to end on the last day of September 2022. Click here to read more about the new Share to Earn competition.

Now, without further delay, it is time for the main event of today.

Today We are excited to announce the results of the just concluded Share-to-Earn competition where the top sharer gets to win $100 (or N60,000 Naira) cash.

Here are the results (drumroll please…)

1st Position (Winner): Framuyy

2nd Position: Alex n. Payne

3rd Position: mohammed Yusuf Hassan

Congratulations to the winner Framuyy. You have done great work. You have won $100 (N60,000) cash!

Kindly send an email to Deartiti Support to discuss the finer details of sending the prize to you. Please contact Support through the email address that is associated with your DearTiti account.

We also appreciate the efforts of the other top sharers particularly those in the top 10 and especially those in the top 3. While there was originally no cash award for the second and third position, you will however be receiving a little cash as consolation. Therefore 2nd and 3rd place winners should also contact support through the email given at the Deartiti Contact page here.

We also wish to thank everyone who participated with seriousness and everyone who believe in the long term vision of this project because the sharing has helped to raise some awareness and bring in new members to the community thereby bringing us ever closer to our target.

Though this community is young, we aim to become the largest and most profitable community of any crypto project in the world. But to achieve this, each and everyone of us needs to believe in the vision and spread the word about the project in anyway they can.

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At the end of the day we are all going to make it and become very rich from the pre-mined crypto that we are earning from the project today.

New Share-to-Win Competition

UPDATE: This share-to-win competition has been suspended and replaced with a New Refer-to-Win Competition. See the details of the new competition here.

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